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Posted 2016-06-05T14:44:31Z

Hopeful turning point

Mom initially had a better night but as always things began to deteriorate as it went on. I shared details of her MRI in the last update.

Mom's nurse was named Golda and she was incredible, doing things above and beyond what a nurse should be doing like bringing me a chair without being asked when she saw me kneeling on the floor next to mom's bed.

Around 5 am mom wasn't doing well and was getting anxious. It's been a recurring story. Golda suggested we stick with the modifications she made to the meds (within the doctor's orders) and I agreed. Part of that was splitting the Dilaudid in half throughout the two hour dosage period to better stabilize her.

Even with that, it was still a tough night with her sleeping maybe 1 minute at a time then waking to moan and be uncomfortable for 2 minutes or more. But around 6:30 mom was moving in ways I've never seen since being with her in the hospital and it was good. She began sleeping for 5 minutes at a time then would wake, smile at me, and go back to sleep. That happened for an hour until the first doctor came in along with Golda and her day nurse Ray (who was with her yesterday). 

We were all stunned by how little pain she had all of a sudden and how much she could move. Tyson asked if that was due to the narcotics and I'm sure those played into it a bit. They've been testing her memory regularly and while her answers weren't all correct, we could all tell it seemed to stem from a lack of sleep instead of narcotics. She had been saying she was sleepy so we let her sleep on and off for a few hours this morning.

A few more doctors came by this morning. The neurosurgeon was very happy with how she was doing. He also looked at last night's MRI and they don't anticipate followup surgery any time soon. Her doctor was by as well and I introduced her to mom as the women who pulled the tube out of her throat, an event she doesn't quite remember thankfully. Dr. Siddiqui loved how she's moving better so she's lowering her meds and her oxygen which will probably be removed today.

It seems she's made a turn for the better and we're being optimistic about it. However, she has many weeks and probably months of recovery ahead of her. We don't have a great estimate but it does look like she'll be in the ICU for a bit longer, maybe a few days. Then she'll move to a regular room for how long we don't know. That's why we need to be realistic about her recovery and how well she's doing today. We're excited about it but know things could change quickly.

We should see the Infectious Diseases doctor today though we know the culture is still growing until early this week. We're also waiting on a pain management specialist to help dial in and regulate the pain. If mom is assigned to one, that person will follower her anywhere she is transferred in the hospital and help manage her meds throughout any process.

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Comments (3)

  • Lindsay grubba
    Lindsay grubba

    Justin, have they considered a PCA pump to help with pain? From what you just updated us on, sounds like pain is getting better, but maybe something to think about it it starts to go downhill again. Thank you for the updates. Continuing to pray.

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Justin Lukasavige
    Justin Lukasavige

    Good suggestion, Lindsay. It's pretty uncommon for the Neuro Critical Care Unit to use the PCA though it was/is an option. Mom had one pre-surgery and it started to work good until she didn't want to press it anymore. Having the nurse administer the meds is our best option since we can let her sleep through them if she likes. Otherwise she'll only wake when the pain has returned and by then it's too late, we're already behind and playing catch up.

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Hannah Segebart
    Hannah Segebart

    Thanks for the updates. So glad to hear she is doing better today, hope it continues. We are thinking of you all and praying for her. From what you've been posting it sounds like she is in good spirits as much as she can be. Love you all.

    3 years ago · Reply