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Posted 2016-06-18T03:43:21Z

We've got a discharge date!

I'll apologize ahead of time for the lack of an update, but as much as Heather wants to post, she's come down with a stomach bug and needs to rest before maybe getting back to work tomorrow. I think we can all agree that Heather has been doing too much and not getting enough sleep, and it seems like it's finally caught up to her. Once she's feeling better and has some time I'm sure she'll post more details on what's been going on with mom over the last couple of days.

Heather let us know that mom is doing great and her attitude is positive. I love this picture of mom eating lunch because it's the happiest I've seen her since this started. Every day she continues to improve by leaps and bounds.

As you can see, today she graduated from a walker to a cane! This wasn't something we expected to see so quickly. We also received news that she has a discharge date set for next Friday, which means she gets to be home for her birthday! We couldn't have asked for anything better.

More to come...

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  • Justin Lukasavige
    Justin Lukasavige

    I couldn't be more excited about this!

    5 years ago · Reply