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Posted 2016-06-18T14:18:13Z

Stronger every day

Here are some pics from yesterday with mom. Every day I see her, she is so much stronger than before, both physically and mentally. 

Today, mom walked with a cane, walked a stair stepper from a seated position and practiced getting in and out of a shower and a car. 

I met with her case manager and yes, the goal is to be released June 24, two days prior to mom's birthday! They will want mom to have home health as she will still need her IV running twice a day and they want her to continue physical therapy at home. They are also going to order supplies for her home, including an elevated toilet seat and a chair for the shower. 

Moms attitude continues to astound me. She was clapping for another patient that was walking for the first time in the gym. She loves her therapists who crack a lot of jokes and she introduces me to each one. We got to see a brand new baby that came to visit his dad yesterday and moms eyes sparkled. The baby belonged to one of moms therapists named Ben and I can tell that, seeing the lives of other people continues to encourage mom. 

Chloe and I stayed until therapy was done for the day and mom was in bed, hopefully to nap for an hour or so until Jay arrived. Physical therapy did get me checked off on using mom's equipment and she is now able to get up out of bed and to the restroom as long as I'm in the room which is nice because it's less waiting. They also said that she can get out of her wheelchair and use her walker if I'm there too. 

Moms improving by leaps and bounds and we love it. 

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Comments (2)

  • Rachel Miegel
    Rachel Miegel

    Time is going to fly by and she'll be home before we know it. Her progress is so encouraging and I can hear how much she's improving every time I talk to her.

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Sarah Hackbarth
    Sarah Hackbarth

    Aunt Lois, I can't believe how well you are doing!!! You look great in all the pictures and they show how hard you are working 💪🏼! We are SO very proud of you and have been praying for continued healing, progress, strength and determination! You are a true miracle!! Keep up the hard work!! We're so excited you get to go home soooooon!!! Continued prayers! Love you!! 😘😘 Sarah

    4 years ago · Reply