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Posted 2016-06-08T16:04:04Z


We've been taking big steps lately with new "firsts". Last night I was fully intending to stay with mom since she had surgery in the afternoon. There were many unknowns such as her condition as she transitioned off of anesthesia and onto her pain meds and how good her nurse might be. We met mom in her room at 6:30pm after surgery and she was doing well but obviously groggy. We have to be off the floor during shift change so Jay went home to rest and Heather and I stayed so we could monitor her change when we checked back in at 8pm. I would make the decision to stay or leave based on that as well as a conversation I would have with her night nurse.[...]

Posted 2016-06-07T22:10:27Z

Surgery update round 2

Mom was in surgery for approximately 3 hours before the surgeon came out to update. He was very pleased with everything he did and said mom was already awake and moving all four extremities which was fantastic news. The area of the spinal column that he operated on was the area that controls your entire body and its movement so every move he made had to be well-calculated. [...]

Posted 2016-06-07T17:23:08Z

Neck Surgery

Last night was the first night mom didn't have one of us spend the night with her. She's been in the ICU since surgery and the nurses have been great. When I heard her night nurse would be Liz I made the decision to stay home and rest. I've spent three nights here around Liz and got to know her well so I felt like mom would be in great hands. [...]

Posted 2016-06-07T09:57:00Z


I have had a few people ask about sending things to mom so I'll address that here. Flowers and balloons are not allowed in the icu so hold off on anything like that. If anyone would like to send pictures, inspirational quotes, prayer cards, regular cards, those are all welcome. Our goal is to fill mom's wall. As you can see in these two pictures, grandkids Jack and Chloe have been working on all kinds of projects. [...]

Posted 2016-06-06T20:51:00Z

Continuity of care!!! Keeping things the same sounds so amazing

I'm so excited after meeting with Mom's ICU Doctor this afternoon. He has been here a long time and is awesome. I always liked him when I worked here. He is very down to earth and has a simplistic approach which I love. He remembers me being pregnant with Chloe and asked how she was doing. He also used to be mom and Jay's next door neighbor. Small world :) [...]

Posted 2016-06-06T18:42:47Z

Afternoon update

Dr. Wack from infectious disease came by while mom was in a lot of pain earlier. She told him her neck hurt so he's ordered an MRI of it.  This is not stat and will happen probably within the next 24-36 hours, if I was a betting person. He says we are definitely seeing improvement with mom and said the TEE results were "huge".   The nurse also told me they are changing mom to the OxyContin which is a pill that is supposed to last much longer than than the IV meds. She had been on it briefly last week and it seemed to work well. Hoping it stays that way. She will still have IV pain meds available but the hope is to continue to transition her more and more to pills.  Overall, I feel we have gotten a lot of great answers today and I'm feeling much more confident than I was earlier. Keep those positive thoughts headed this way![...]

Posted 2016-06-06T17:18:43Z

Morning update

0745- Dr. Vostal here to discuss night. Mom got central line in the middle of the night as IV access getting more difficult to obtain. Vostal says fluid collection noted in spine. Neuro not wanting to do surgery at this point. May get a general surgery consult later. Possible IR for fluid drainage. I asked about OxyContin for extended relief. He agreed to try.[...]

Posted 2016-06-06T04:12:27Z

Sunday recap

An update from Heather and Justin:

I arrived to the hospital today around 4pm to see Justin sitting at moms bedside talking quietly. Mom looked better as she wasn't screaming in pain which was such a relief. [...]

Posted 2016-06-05T18:20:33Z

Infectious Diseases

I don't mean for the title to be misleading but this update is mainly due to Dr. Wack stopping by. 

Mom had a rough morning after making that big turn towards the better. She was very hot and we thought she was burning up but her temp was fine. Nurses were trying to figure out what was going on when at the hour mark, she fell asleep and has been dozing in/out for at least two hours now.[...]