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Christine Thompson Christine Thompson

I came to visit mom today to show her your progress on the laptop. She loved seeing all the photos and hearing all about your progress. She wants to know when you will be able to come and visit her. It is nice for you to be able to go outside and enjoy their gardens. Mom went outside herself to water the hanging basket that Mary and Dennis got for her. They caught her in the act and watered it for her. Possibly since she couldn't lift the pitcher of water high enough to water it herself. If seems this probably runs in the family. We are hoping you are just resting inbetween PT and not worrying about anything but getting better.Lots of love,
Mom and Chris

Mary Segebart Mary Segebart

LOIS, I continue to be astounded with what you have gone thru and the progress you have made. But then nothing is impossible with God. I pray everyday and my prayers are answered. The doctors you have are awesome and you are proof of their knowledge and expertise. I think of you often and wish i could help you in some way. It will get better and we will be here to celebrate with you when that day comes.


Mary and Dennis

Ally Lockwood Ally Lockwood

Lois, you are doing AMAZING and so happy to see the daily progress you have made through all this! Keeping you and your family in my prayers!

Christine Thompson Christine Thompson

So glad to hear you are making such good progress. We have been following the posts, checking several times daily for news. It is such a relief to hear so many positives. We have been praying for your good health and look forward to hearing more good news.
Chris & Jerry

Kathy Towner Kathy Towner

Continuing to send bright thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I'm so happy to hear that you have had such great care and to read about the positive progress you are making! You are truly a treasure to everyone around you. Keep staying strong, I know that you've got this! I can't wait to see you back on your feet again. Hugs!!

Mary Segebart Mary Segebart

I love reading the positive updates on a daily basis. I pray everyday , not just for you Lois, but your entire family . How great are they! It's amazing what you have gone through the last 2 weeks, but more amazing how you have weathered it . You have always been a strong person and it showed in this event. Keep up the hard work you still are going through and I will continue to pray to St. Anthony and St. Jude. They always come through for me. Oh, and get me the recipe for asparagus soup. It sounds great.

Love, Mary

Jill Annis Jill Annis

The massive prayers and rest are working Lois. Keep eating and soak up the love around you.

Greg Allen Greg Allen

Tonight I checked the flowers, hostas, and vegetables that I planted for Lois this morning. It had been a hot day and I worried that some of the smaller ones had gotten too dry and wouldn't make it. I forgot that these are Lois' flowers....even the most forlorn were making an effort to bloom. And there you have it! Some people just have the gift. And Lois is one of those people.

Debby Finney Debby Finney

So happy to hear how well you are doing!! Keeping you in my prayers! You are an inspiration to all with your strength and determination to get well! You rock Lois💕

Rachel Miegel Rachel Miegel

I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful care you've received at Methodist and am so encouraged by the progress you continue to make. I've missed you so much these past few weeks and can't wait until I'm able to travel again and give you a big hug. Plus, your new granddaughter is looking forward to meeting you :) Keep pushing through and amazing those doctors and nurses! We love you.

Greg Allen Greg Allen

Your garden is so beautiful right now. Every time of day is different. What a glorious painting of flowers and plants! It is a painting of your sweet indominatable spirit. Come home to us soon.

Beth Andrews Beth Andrews

Keeping you and your family in our prayers . Your one strong women you and God got this!

Thinking of you BethA

Sarah Hackbarth Sarah Hackbarth

Aunt Lois, we are in constant prayer for you! You are SO strong and we are all very proud of you!! Continued prayers that each and every day brings comfort, healing, and progress!
Love you,