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daily bulletins on Lonny's progress from University of Utah MICU to rehab for rare disease purpura fulminans

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Posted 2015-01-13T03:05:03Z

Lonny's last ride

One can only describe today's events as evidence of God's great mercy. Lonny developed bleeding from his stomach. This helped Natalie see how much he was suffering. With unbelievable support from the hospital social worker and the palliative care physician, the nurse Kyle ( on his last day of his 6 month internship program) and of course Dr. Morris, Dr. Cochran and Dr,. Smiley , all of whom have been working so hard to save Lonny's life,a program of supportive care was devised . Over several hours, we were able to be with Lonny without seeing him with the breathing tube, the tubes into his stomach/intestine. Natalie was able to climb into bed and hold him and be alone with him while it rained and snowed outside the floor-length window with the view of our beautiful mountains. We had each other in the hallway and waiting room. The staff ordered a bereavement tray of snacks and juices to sustain us through those long hours. The priest came that Pat had requested and gave the last rites of the Catholic Church, Please join us in saluting Lonny on his last ride! He will never be in pain again.Thanks to everyone who has read this blog. Please consider a donation to They are a free service that without we would not have been able to stay informed  for the past 6 wks.

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