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Posted 2019-09-19T01:03:09Z

New Scan Results - good news


Sorry for the delay in a news update.  The last scan I had was in June and showed the first treatment was no longer working as there was some growth.  I had to do two 6 week treatments before they scanned again.  My scan today "looks so much better"  according to my nurse practitioner.   I see her in person on Oct 2 and can ask some more questions, although to be honest they can't really predict much.   My next scan should be in another 12 weeks.

I am feeling pretty well, although a nap in the afternoon is generally helpful.  Molly is doing well (most of the time), we are still doing agility but also need to work on basic obedience.  She likes to throw a romp in her rounds.  :)  





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