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Posted 2020-02-09T04:08:36Z

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Sorry for the delay in posting. 

In early Dec we got news that the current drugs i was on were not working and they were switching them again.  Last week we found out from another MRI that those drugs weren't working either and there really isn't an alternative.  We met with the Dr. on  thurs and discussed treating symptoms as they appear, with a timeline of about 6-9 months.  I am not allowed to drive as I have an active, unstable tumour in my head.  I still do not feel or act sick.  

We told the kids this evening as they are going to notice I am not driving.  That was not a pleasant conversation.  They were shocked, sad, but are ok.  

Please do not offer them diet or medical advice that you have heard works on a type of cancer in your friend/relative.  

Please do treat them as you have in the past, this will be a rough road ahead.


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