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New update - finally


I guess the good news about infrequent updates is there is nothing much to tell.

I have been driving and loving it.  It is so nice to be have the freedom back.

I had a scan last week and met with the Nurse Practitioner today....the GREAT news, my scan looks "amazing" ie nothing new is growing.  I will be scanned again in another 2 months.  I was relatively calm throughout most of the week - I have been feeling well.  Again, I am not remarkable enough to see the neuro-oncologist and I am totally ok with that.

The "bad" platelets are too low to continue with treatment this week.  I will go for another blood test next monday and start treatment on tues if all is well.  If is still hasn't bounced back I will have to wait a bit more.  She was very emphatic that this was completely normal, part of the side effects of the oral chemo drug.  They will drop the dose back down next time in the hopes it prevents this from happening again.

Dave and I went to Kentucky to see one of six (in the world) 3 Day Event competitions.  It was Amazing...i have included some pics of the horses/riders riding XC.  The physical fitness of the riders and horses is/was incredible.


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