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Lora Hargreaves - Journal

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Posted 2020-05-10T02:30:54Z

Sad news

To all our friends and family,

We are heartbroken to share the news that our beloved Lora passed away this morning. We were by her side and she was comfortable and pain free. We are all doing as well as can be expected.[...]

Posted 2019-09-19T01:03:09Z

New Scan Results - good news


Sorry for the delay in a news update.  The last scan I had was in June and showed the first treatment was no longer working as there was some growth.  I had to do two 6 week treatments before they scanned again.  My scan today "looks so much better"  according to my nurse practitioner.   I see her in person on Oct 2 and can ask some more questions, although to be honest they can't really predict much.   My next scan should be in another 12 weeks.[...]

Posted 2019-07-03T03:40:48Z

Latest news


Well , sadly, this one isn't quite as good as the last one.  They found some new leaky blood vessels on the last scan near the margin of surgery.  These are most likely a result of the treatment protocol not working and new cancer cells are growing; not unusual in this type of cancer, evidently this happens to approx 50% of people on the first drug.  As soon as the Cancer Agency can fit me into the infusion cycle (7-10 days) I will begin a new regiment of oral chemo 1 day/every 6 weeks combined with 2 antibody infusions over this time period - the infusions will take only a 1/2 hour -1hr to infuse as it is not a chemo drug so they can push it through a bit faster.  They like to run these for 2 cycles before scanning again, so next scan in 12 weeks.  I will be put on stronger anti-nausea meds for the first few days of oral chemo as it is a much stronger drug.  [...]

Posted 2019-04-07T00:36:44Z

7 days until I can drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Met with my nurse practitioner on Tuesday.  She is AMAZING.  Didn't see the neuro-oncologist, she let it slip that he was off having lunch.  The good part about that is nothing interesting is happening with me that needs his attention.  :)  Both sets of blood tests were fine so up goes the dosage, but they would rather I didn't wait to start it - so off we go to LA and San Diego with all my meds including some extras so I don't need to go to a clinic if I start to feel bad. [...]

Posted 2019-03-14T19:42:43Z

Made it ...


Well I made it through the 5 days of oral chemo with just a  few nauseous moments.  Seems like eating small amounts regularly is the way to go, even though I don't really feel that hungry.  Could be much worse though, both in terms of at least food still tastes good....and I didn't throw up.   I get 23 days off now, blood work in week 3, further blood work before I start the next round in the beginning of April.  [...]

Posted 2019-03-07T03:49:00Z

Treatment starts again


After a month off, oral chemo starts again today for 5 days, followed by 23 days off.  This will continue for 6 months.  This is the same drug I was on during the radiation treatment, albeit at a much higher dose.  The side effects seem to be mostly nausea which they treat prophylactically with anti-nausea meds.   I didn't have any side-effects before so hopefully that continues.[...]

Posted 2019-02-19T16:51:42Z

No news is good news


I don't really have much to report, still losing hair - maybe more slowly because there is less left or perhaps it is actually slowing down.  Not sure.  2 weeks since my last radiation, feeling pretty good though, really my only complaint apart from this whole thing happening is that I can't drive.  56 days still seems like a long way to go .  It drives me crazy when people say you are almost there...that does not help.  I did get my is in the garage.   Might be the only time in my life I actually read the manual, I may go sit in it later today and if I am super bored I will drive up and down the driveway.  :) [...]