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Posted 2019-02-19T16:51:42Z

No news is good news


I don't really have much to report, still losing hair - maybe more slowly because there is less left or perhaps it is actually slowing down.  Not sure.  2 weeks since my last radiation, feeling pretty good though, really my only complaint apart from this whole thing happening is that I can't drive.  56 days still seems like a long way to go .  It drives me crazy when people say you are almost there...that does not help.  I did get my is in the garage.   Might be the only time in my life I actually read the manual, I may go sit in it later today and if I am super bored I will drive up and down the driveway.  :) 

Right now Molly is trying to cover the last 10 pieces of dog kibble with a sweatshirt....if only she could talk.  We go to our pre-agility class on Saturdays starting this weekend.

Oh...we did buy a jig saw puzzle...I can get pretty obsessed with them and figured it would help pass the time.  Well, lesson learned, the 4 puzzles for $10 at walmart is not a super good deal as the puzzle is ridiculously hard and I might just scrap it and rehome it to someone who has more patience/time than me.  Ok, that made me snort...honestly time is not the issue.  

Thanks again for those that have helped drive/meals etc.  I dropped the meals down to twice a week because people have been super generous with portion sizes and I am feeling better.  




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Comments (7)

  • Lynda Fletcher-Gordon
    Lynda Fletcher-Gordon

    Hi Lora - I probably shouldn't be 'telling' you this story about my friend. She had a stroke and can't drive yet either. For whatever personal reasons, she felt she needed some kind of affirmation in terms of her recovery. She and her best friend drove slowly around the block so that she could hold on to a positive attitude about her progress. I am not at all recommending this to anyone. The story is just to let you know that you are not alone - which may not make you feel any better either! It seems that the car is very symbolic and important for some people.

    7 months ago · Reply
    • Lora Hargreaves
      Lora Hargreaves

      Thanks, it is amazing how much more freedom you have with a car..and you don't realize it until it is gone. I confess I drove a few blocks in the new car before we bought it - was in the middle of nowhere :).

      7 months ago · Reply
  • Don & Kate Osborne
    Don & Kate Osborne

    Hi Lora. Here's a puzzle recommendation... our family favourite. It's a Ravensburger map of the world. With your passion for travel, I think you'd really enjoy it. And great for the kids too. I like it because it's not that hard and knowledge of basic geography really helps. Of course, Amazon sells it ;)... Ugh. This site doesn't do hyper-text. So it isn't a link. I'll email you the link.

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Denise Kinvig
    Denise Kinvig

    Must be frustrating with your new vehicle idle in the garage. Just like most of us on the island with our horses standing idle for weeks with the deep snow. At least the jeep won't try to buck you off when you finally get to drive it! Winters can be a bit trying....Thrift shops are a great place to get puzzles, and then they can be donated back again. Netflix, Netflix, Netflix! Start Heartland from the beginning and I'll bet that you will get hooked! XXXX

    7 months ago · Reply
  • catherine pope
    catherine pope

    Laughed about reading the car manual, as I've never read it either. So..... was it worth it?

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Cici Morgan
    Cici Morgan

    So exciting watching Allison's basketball team win in overtime...and she played fantastic! She had such a cheering squad...thank goodness for bball to get you through the winter. Hang in there for spring and driving. See you soon xoxo

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Tracy Church
    Tracy Church

    Lora. Through it all your sense of humour stays strong. I can only imagine how thrilled you will be to get behind the wheel and enjoy that simple freedom again. So pleased you’re managing through the side effects 😊. Will pm you for another catch up xx

    7 months ago · Reply