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Posted 2019-04-07T00:36:44Z

7 days until I can drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Met with my nurse practitioner on Tuesday.  She is AMAZING.  Didn't see the neuro-oncologist, she let it slip that he was off having lunch.  The good part about that is nothing interesting is happening with me that needs his attention.  :)  Both sets of blood tests were fine so up goes the dosage, but they would rather I didn't wait to start it - so off we go to LA and San Diego with all my meds including some extras so I don't need to go to a clinic if I start to feel bad. 

I fall asleep on the airplane and in the hotel before dinner so I take a sleeping pill (no I don't take them often)  and my chemo drugs.  Go to bed then manage to wake up, think I haven't taken them and take another dose.  Oops.   Rosie to the rescue, not that she can do much, but she does respond to emails almost immediately.  All i can do by this point is finish a day early.   I did suggest that next time I will take 1/2 a dose of a sleeping pill.   

We go see the Space Shuttle at the California Science Center...reminded me of being a teacher and my days at Grouse.  Kids everywhere.  Space Shuttle was very cool though.  Went back to the hotel and had a nap and then to the Lakers/Warriors game.  Game wasn't close at all, but we did see some good dunks, passing etc.  We bought two expensive seats and two cheaper seats,  I sat with Matthew in the good seats and then the usher let Allison and I move down in the middle of the 3rd period - bonus.  

Today we went to the zoo - managed 7 hrs and walked 10 km.  Yes I like (good, responsible, research based) zoos and the San Diego one does an amazing job.  Highlights were too many really....a panda - very cool, the Gorillas and orangutans  were amazing and elephants, pigmy hippos, koalas, big cats, etc etc.    Oh and an Golden retriever animal ambassador that came to the zoo because it liked food to much to be a therapy dog.  ha ha.  He was a companion animal to a cheetah, didn't catch the story on that but we were all amused that the Cheetah had two handlers, one holding the leash and the second one holding a secondary safety leash.  Loose cheetahs must be bad for business.  

Hair is starting to grow back, albeit very slowly.  I have always felt sorry for men having to shave everyday, seems cruel that it grows just fast enough for that...well, that just doesn't seem fast enough when it is on my head.

San Diego Wild Animal Park tomorrow, back to LA for Universal Studios the next day, although I may well sit that one out, then home.

Next baseline scan is April 23, they aren't expecting much from this as I have no new symptoms and in fact can still be recovering from the radiation.  Still expecting that to be a tad stressful.  Matthew's bday April 24, then Dave and I are going to Lexington Kentucky for the Kentucky Land Rover 3 Day Event.  SUPER excited about that !!!  Bummer is I don't have a horse to by stuff for...but they probably have dog stuff.  :)

Sadly, it is highly likely that our trip to Africa is not going to happen.  I will supposed to be on my last chemo treatment including scans at that time and also at the height of a weakened immune system.  Travelling to Africa at that time doesn't seem like the smartest move and delaying means the kids would miss the first week of school.  Perhaps in the new year.

Expect a post next Saturday because I can DRIVE.


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Comments (7)

  • Cici Morgan
    Cici Morgan

    Sounds like an amazing trip and you have done awesome! See you next weekend Xoxo

    one year ago · Reply
  • Denise Kinvig
    Denise Kinvig

    Wow that was a whirlwind trip that would tire anyone! Keep up the good vibes and plans! Africa will still be there to see next year or the year after... That is going to be SO GREAT to be driving again, and with your NEW WHEELS yet! Yippee! Freedom!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Anne Fischer
    Anne Fischer

    So nice to get your update. Sounds like a fun trip! xo

    one year ago · Reply
  • Pat Hargreaves
    Pat Hargreaves

    We are counting down the days with you for April 13 - Driving day!!! It wiil be a totally liberating experience and we are so glad that you are finally almost there!!!

    one year ago · Reply
  • catherine pope
    catherine pope

    So glad you are having a great trip altho it sounds busy! We loved the San Diego safari and like you, I'm generally opposed to zoos. Have fun. If u plan on resting when the kids go the Universal I highly recommend taking Uber to the closest beach. Many luxury hotels have day rates to hang at the pool. Have fun!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Vasey Hargreaves
    Vasey Hargreaves

    Thanks for the update, Lora. Glad to hear that you're having a fun family trip! And lots to look forward to later this month too. XXO

    one year ago · Reply
  • Jen McCutcheon
    Jen McCutcheon

    what a great update, Lora! I loved reading about your adventures in California, and can't wait for your driving update. xo

    one year ago · Reply