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Posted 2019-07-03T03:40:48Z

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Well , sadly, this one isn't quite as good as the last one.  They found some new leaky blood vessels on the last scan near the margin of surgery.  These are most likely a result of the treatment protocol not working and new cancer cells are growing; not unusual in this type of cancer, evidently this happens to approx 50% of people on the first drug.  As soon as the Cancer Agency can fit me into the infusion cycle (7-10 days) I will begin a new regiment of oral chemo 1 day/every 6 weeks combined with 2 antibody infusions over this time period - the infusions will take only a 1/2 hour -1hr to infuse as it is not a chemo drug so they can push it through a bit faster.  They like to run these for 2 cycles before scanning again, so next scan in 12 weeks.  I will be put on stronger anti-nausea meds for the first few days of oral chemo as it is a much stronger drug.  

The weirdest part about this is I feel fine.  I passed their cognitive testing with ease and am still doing agility with Molly and taking Timmy out into the community when I can.

The kids know the basics of this but please respect their privacy and don't discuss with them.  


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