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Pat Hargreaves Pat Hargreaves

I thought that I had posted a message, but I don't see it! Your strength amazes us throughout this journey. Please know that we are here for all of you and let us know if there is ANYTHING that we can do to help. Love, P & R

Kathryn Southam Kathryn Southam

Lora, what an incredibly difficult road, there are no words... I am sending strength and good thoughts to you and your family.

Glynda Rees Glynda Rees

Thinking of you and sending love and hugs xoxo

Lisa Wrixon Lisa Wrixon

Good thoughts only to you and always around to help in any way

Marianne McKee Marianne McKee

Let me know if we can help in anyway?

Tanya Wardle Tanya Wardle

Thinking of you and the family.

Don & Kate Osborne Don & Kate Osborne

Like all your wonderful friends here, we're thinking of you. xo Kate & Don

Isabelle Eaton Isabelle Eaton

Well that's definitely not the best summer news I can think of, but you seem to be taking it with your usual poise. My work madness is coming to an end and would love to meet up with you very soon (and Molly must be involved). How's the wee of July 15?

Cici Morgan Cici Morgan

Love you ❤ chat more tomorrow

Ria Terins Ria Terins

Lora is a rock star!

If anyone is available...there are some dinner spaces coming up that need filling. Lora mentioned going down to 3 days a week because everyone is being so generous that they have left overs. Thank you to all!

Ria Terins Ria Terins

OK have arrived! Let's be a good year, shall we?!

Dinner slots are open for January. Thank again to everyone for all their help and culinary skills.

Sheron Shum Sheron Shum

Lora; thinking of you & family. Sending hugs!!

Susan giardin Susan giardin

Might not post much to you but know that your on my mind every moment of the day

Jana Hikichi Jana Hikichi

Thinking of you Lora. Sending hugs.

Theresa Savage Theresa Savage

Lora, thinking about you and your family today. Xoxoxo