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Stint Placement

Sorry for the lapse in journal entries. I came back to Kansas City Saturday night and Dad left Sunday, so between all of that we just haven't gotten around to updating. 

Saturday wasn't the best day for Mom. Her drain started producing bile again, which concerned the doctors. They had her drink some contrast so they could send her for a scan, but the contrast started giving her stomach cramps and making her nauseated. They did send her down for the scan, but no one was able to read them until the next day. Her pain continued all through the night and she only slept once for three hours. 

The next morning news came back about the scan. No surgery would be needed like we feared. The leak is small enough that their hope is that it will heal on it own, but they wanted to put a stint in to allow it to drain. Her pain was more controlled that day as they figured out the right combination of medicines that worked best. They planned the procedure for Monday (today) so she had to go back to no food or drink after midnight. They kept up on her meds which helped keep the pain minimal. We both were able to sleep pretty well during the night, only waking up for medicine and vitals. 

The doctors came in early this morning and said the procedure would most likely be in the afternoon, which meant she wasn't allowed to drink anything all day, except a small bit to take her medicine. Sometime this morning a occupational therapist came in to work with Mom and make sure she was able to do basic things for when she goes home. We went for a walk around the unit, 1.5 laps, and she was hoofing it fast enough to make the nurses and I huff and puff a bit. She sat in a chair for a while after that, and then climbed back into bed.  I left for a bit to go home and Kay and Grandma stayed with her while I was gone. She got some naps in and had some visitors (her aunt and family, and some of the friends). Around 3 they came and got her for her procedure, but an emergency came in and pushed her time back. I left her around 5 so they could take her back. It was between 7 and 7:15 when they wheeled her back up to the room. She was in a bit of pain from where they put the stint in, but nothing terrible. We went for a short walk, just back and forth in front of her room, but much more than anyone expected after the procedure. She is allowed to have clear liquids so she's sipping on a frozen cherry limeade (the first thing other than water or a sip of cranberry juice since last Sunday night). Hopefully she gets some sleep tonight and we can continue getting her up and walking tomorrow. 

She wanted me to thank you all for the notes, letters, and texts you have sent her. She doesn't have the energy to respond right now, but she loves reading them and hearing from you all. We all thank you for your support. 

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  • Janie Kinsey
    Janie Kinsey

    Hugs and encouraging thoughts to you all!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Roanne Kooy
    Roanne Kooy

    Thanks for the update. We would Have hoped that by this time Lauri would have been past any trouble from the Secker syndrome if that is the right connection. Your Grandpa Larry and several of his children have had problems they didn't ask for. I enjoy seeing your Grandma Carolyn and Aunties living in the Minneapolis area now and then. Love to all. Roanne

    one year ago · Reply
  • Barbara Ann Shaw Tinsley
    Barbara Ann Shaw Tinsley

    Lori...good to hear things r moving in a good direction..with a few bumps in the way..i have been running and playing with the grandkids..just want u to know my thoughts and prayers r with u..please obey those Nurses..Hope u will soon recover..Hugs and much love.Barb

    one year ago · Reply
  • Ann Overby
    Ann Overby

    Thinking of you and hoping you are able to go home soon! Thankful your prognosis sounds good! We had David in our meeting last night and had coffee afterwards.

    one year ago · Reply

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