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A Brief Update

After 13 days as an inpatient at Kansas University Medical Center, Lori was discharged on Saturday, August 5th. While she's glad to be home, navigating daily life is a bit challenging without the medical equipment available to her in the hospital. I will write more detail tomorrow, but just wanted to let you know she's home and working on her recovery from this difficult and invasive surgical procedure. 

I DO think she's on the mend. I heard her on the phone tonight sharing her thoughts with a CVS pharmacist who didn't seem to understand the urgency of filling one of Shaun's prescriptions. I feel fairly certain the rx will be filled tomorrow morning. Way to go, Sister!!!

All for tonight, Kay Secker

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Comments (2)

  • Barbara Kracht
    Barbara Kracht

    We're so glad that you are home, Lori, but we also have heard (and would suspect) that there are and will be many challenges along the way. We also know that with your determination you will conquer this! Love, Aunt Barb (Rog too)

    one year ago · Reply
  • Maxine Jelinek
    Maxine Jelinek

    Glad your doing well enough to be home. Hope things will continue to go well for you!

    one year ago · Reply

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