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Love and Support for Wendy

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Dear friends,
As another year turns for me I want to invite you all to share in my celebration of life, of quality of life, of joy.....please dance to your favorite song, sing out loud, hug and kiss a loved one, get out in nature, laugh out loud, watch the clouds, a butterfly, a spider, the rain,etc.etc, eat a croissant, enjoy chocolate, something to make your heart sing today ......allow gratitude and joy to overtake you for at least a moment. We will connect thru joy and hope and celebration this time! I thank you.

I thank you. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for you all and your support in the last year for me and my family. I think of you all daily and your support for me. I wish I could give you each a hug and a smile and look in your eyes to share my gratitude with each of you. I am emotional. I am in awe. I have truly felt held this past year. The love, the prayers, the energy you all offered my way was palpable for me, it allowed me to breathe and be present with my experience. There is the saying that everything is connected.....I truly know it I have felt it. I am amazed by the interconnected community Jeff and I have. Family, friends, colleagues, friends of family, friends of friends , friends of colleagues....people we have never even met! From across our country and across the world. I am amazed. I am inspired. I am so grateful. There are no words to share the gratitude I feel for you all. I hold you all so dear in my heart. EVERY kind gesture, offering, well wish, donation, meal, smile, message,life support has beat this cancer and I will always hold it in my heart to keep this cancer away. I am so grateful.
I continue to rebuild my health and strength and accept my new normal in my body, my mind, and my heart. I continue with physical therapy and tests a few times a year. I am grateful. I contemplate how to live my time and not fill my time.
I play with my kiddos. I play in the garden. I get out in the woods. I have returned to work a little and keep my options open.  I hope to continue to help people, to help people have relief of pain, to help people find their hope, to help people live in vitality and joy. I continue to ponder quality of life, a life of joy and kindness and service. Not just to be present with each moment yet to have joy in the moments...

Cheers to you all! Cheers to celebration of life!!

Wendy Hines

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