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Posted 2015-09-22T02:32:30Z

Sept. 21st Wendy enters 2nd week of radiation.

We started out our weekend right with a refreshing family hike into the canyon of west clear creek via the 4th class scramble offered by the Tramway trail.  The water was cool and refreshing, teaming with small trout and skipping stones.  Wendy and I have had many memorable hikes; from the frozen creek during winter to escaping lightening storms during late pregnancy.  During the drive out we were reminded how rough the last 2 miles of forest road is... funny memories of me driving the old '88 4-runner while pregnant Wendy walk the rough sections.  We have seen numerous mule deer and elk and crossed tracks with racoon, and once was woken by a screaming mountain lion.  Awesome short getaways.

Wendy is still pretty exhausted by the end of the day, but is trying to prepare for Wendy's mom, Debbie, heads back to Bend.  Debbie will most likely come back at the tail end of treatment.  We need Debbie fresh for the finish.  Wendy has been consume a plethora of natural-pathy apothecary for support in all functions.  Wendy seems to be sleeping better, despite the early risers in our home insisting on snuggle time... I would prefer sleep time. 

We all attended the celebration of life at Nate Avery run at Buffalo park.  It was very sobering as I stared at the giant banner across the start line, I thought to myself that could be any of our names on that banner.  Reminding me how this time together is more precious than words can express.  Thankyou all for the continued support enjoy the couple of raining days ahead.  The celebration provided agreat venue to see friends and listen to some awesome music provided by the Shiners. 

Happy Autumn Equinox... Jeff

Congrate to Brady and the Pats for shuttin' up the Bill and Rex.  and Go Cards...



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Comments (3)

  • Kate Phillips
    Kate Phillips

    Thanks, Jeff for your beautiful Updates! You & Wendy are Beautiful people! My thoughts are still with you daily as you go thru this process. With love.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Toni McConnel
    Toni McConnel

    Love to you all. Thank you, Jeffrey.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Becky

    Great to see the whole family out at the run. Take care of your back , while you continue take such great care of Wendy. Go Cards!

    4 years ago · Reply