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Posted 2015-10-31T04:31:11Z

Oct. 30th Radiation Completed

Hello all, Happy Halloween.  Wendy is looking great and gradually feeling better.  Her scar and radiation burn is healing well and the muscle soreness is improving.  Last week we hiked a social mountain bike trail called "pickle" , if you don't know about it good... it ya do then don't tell know one. 
We are looking forward to celebrating Halloween with the kids.... they are super excited. 

Nov. 9th, 10th we are in Tucson to visit all of Wendy's oncologist for a check up.  Then Wed the 11th on Veterans day  we visit the Natural-path in Phoenix.  After that we have checkups every 4 months.  We do not know what the check-ups will require.  The medical oncologist told us months ago to avoid CAT scans due the amount of unnecessary radiation. Wendy did develop a bit of radiation rash on her chest and I am concerned about the lack of protection for her thyroid and breast. Only time will tell.

Thank you for all the meal and additional financial support... I cannot properly express my families deep gratitude.  Grandma Debbie, Wendy's mom, was very moved by the continuous love and support from all.  Gma Debbie will be headin back to Bend, Oregon following the Tucson visit. She has been a powerhouse of help... like our own little Rob Gronkowski ( down the gridiron smashing and tossing defensive players aside like they are our daily laundry.  Ok maybe I got a little carried away.... but it was the highest complement I could give Gma Debbie... the kids will really miss her. 

We love you all and keep those good-vibs coming. 

Cheers, Jeff

think snow!!!!


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Comments (4)

  • Jake Jacobs
    Jake Jacobs

    Thanks Jeff! Lots of good happy healing vibes coming from Northern California! No snow here though..its almost 80 here today. The kiddos will love this weather to roam the neighborhoods getting goodies!! Jake

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Kate Phillips
    Kate Phillips

    GO WENDY!!!!!!!!! GO jEFF!!!!! gO Grandma DEBBIE!!!!!!'

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Bette O'Connor
    Bette O'Connor

    those good vibes continue on and on and on. You have been a family united and upbeat, truly inspirational..

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Jill Camirand
    Jill Camirand

    I am sure it feels good to have the radiation done! I am always thinking of you, and can't wait to see you! Jill

    4 years ago · Reply