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Ollie was diagnosed in April of 2018 with Peritoneal Cancer. LOVE for OLLIE will serve as a distribution center for information pertaining to treatment, needs, successes[...] read more

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Ollie is "home!"

Hello All!  
Ollie wrote an update this afternoon just for you :)

I have left rehab and am continuing outpatient therapy through MD Anderson.  My sister, Pearl, is hanging out with me (fun!) and has rented a home for us in the valley (close to appointments).  I am slowly making progress, the main focus now are absorbing enough nutrition and continuing to strengthen the vocal chords (still a risk of aspiration).  I am doing swallowing exercises daily, and am about to (restart) receiving nutrients via the feeding tube.  I am keeping busy with PT, OT, Speech Path., and all the other appointments!  The neuropathy has worsened and put me at a risk for falling, so I am using a walker.  I have completed another round of chemo upon release from rehab, which means there are 2 scheduled rounds left (share the word for healing prayers)!! 
John has begun dialysis (3x/week) and is handling it well, Margaret has done an excellent job caring for him.  He is still eager for a cup of coffee and a chat- feel free to schedule a time with Margaret! 
I appreciate all the prayers, cards, and messages! 
Hugs & Prayers! 
~ Ollie

Ollie's current mailing address:

PO BOX 10786
Casa Grande, AZ 85130

(Doesn't she look great!! The doctors are very impressed with her strong progress throughout rehab!)
Thank you all, as always!!

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