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Ollie was diagnosed in April of 2018 with Peritoneal Cancer. LOVE for OLLIE will serve as a distribution center for information pertaining to treatment, needs, successes[...] read more

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Hospital Update


Ollie has been keeping the hospital staff very busy!!  She is on the road to recovery, with one minor "side-step!" 
On August 5th, she began to develop issues involving breathing, along with changes to her blood pressure and heart rate.  After a night of baffling doctors (no signs of infection), they decided to have a second surgery on August 6th

Ollie was in the OR for about an hour, during which, they found a leak in her colon.  The surgical team was able to fix it, but had to remove some more of her intestine during the process.  Subsequently, Ollie now has a colostomy bag, which should be temporary.  They have decided to allow her time to heal before attempting to reattach that section of the intestine, she should be able to have a surgery to remove the bag after she is completely healed and in remission (finished with chemo).  

She is feeling much better today- and looks great!!
  She has not had a voice but appreciates all of the texts/comments/emails.  The hospital staff have been amazing, she now has a huge treatment team (more coming on after the second surgery); they all stop by to check on her regularly.  Her vitals have been stable for the past two days, we are just waiting on her voice to come back, along with some strength.  She hopes to be eating food within the next few days.  

It is estimated Ollie will be in the hospital for another 4 days, as long as she doesn't spring another leak! 
After discharge, she will be moved to an aftercare facility in the Valley.  It is unknown where or for how long. 

Ollie says, "thank you all for keeping me in your prayers! I am being well taken care of, the hospital is great." 

Once we have more information, I will post another update!

Love you all!

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