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Posted 2019-12-02T16:50:54Z

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." ~Thomas Campbell

Happy Holidays!
It has been a busy Fall, so much has changed.  I apologize, our updates have been slow as we try to keep up. 
The Archambault Family has coped with a lot over the past year. 
How amazing it is that our strength continues to shine through. 
Of course, we could not do it without the love and support from family and friends.

Thank you all, sincerely, for the gathered strength to continue on.


Ashleigh [...]

Posted 2019-05-10T20:17:00Z

One Year and Happy Birthday!

Ollie is doing great! She sends an update:

Dear Family and Friends,
Hard to believe that I have been on the cancer journey for a year.  It started April 2, 2018.  I have been blessed with your prayers, cards, calls, and good wishes many times over this past year.  
The Lord has provided me with amazing family support and super doctors, nurses and medical teams in Arizona and Nebraska. [...]

Posted 2019-02-18T00:31:39Z


*.*.*.* Hello from the snow! *.*.*.*

Ollie says:
I am staying warm with all the cold and snow (reminding me why I moved to AZ so many years ago!)  I have established with all of my new providers; most of my therapies and other medical appointments are in Wayne.   However, we do have to make the drive to the Cancer Center in Omaha.  My first appointment there, last Thursday, went great- everything is healing wonderfully.  Pearl continues to take good care of me!  I had a reunion with my siblings (except for my sister Margaret) last night.   As you can see in the picture above, my hair is growing back.  :)   I am looking forward to Summer, feeling better as each day passes.  I appreciate all the cards, calls, texts, emails and other thoughtful interactions, they really brighten my day and keep me going.  Thank you for the continued love and support! 

As Ollie states, she is healing well!   She looks absolutely amazing, and continues to make great progress daily.  She is eating more (still on the feeding tube), and moving around much better.  The drop foot and neuropathy continue to diminish, and her wound looks better as the weeks go on.  She continues to be cautious as her immune system comes back, limiting visits and restricting contact with others.  Last night was the first time she went out since August of last year!  She really enjoyed her time with her family, but is continuing to be cautious.  (The risk of infection remains high as she heals.)  Overall, I can surely say with confidence, OLLIE IS DOING AMAZING!  She is a STRONG WOMAN, an inspiration to many!

Posted 2018-12-13T00:28:46Z

Chemo Complete!

Happy Holidays! 

Ollie is in recovery and is doing great!  She has completed all of her chemotherapy, finishing the last round 3 weeks ago!!!!! (WHOO-HOO!) She is eager to update you all, but wished to wait until she was in the "post-chemo phase."  Her last two rounds of chemo (in November) followed with her in the hospital (poor reactions).  Since then, she has recovered and is in full healing mode and feeling strong!

Ollie states,
Chemo is over and I am making progress healing from the surgeries.  It is a long process for the healing to complete, but I feel strong and ready for the next phase of my life.  Acupuncture and massage have been wonderful in helping with many symptoms, including pain.  I strongly encourage integrative and alternative medicine! I appreciate all of the cards, thoughts, and prayers; they have helped keep the fighting spirit. Overall, everything is looking great and is progressing towards health!  I wish you all a wonderful holiday and new year![...]

Posted 2018-09-11T18:07:15Z

Ollie has moved to rehab!!!

Hello all!  What a month August was, Ollie really kept us on our toes!!

Great news!  Ollie has moved to a rehab facility!  She is feeling perkier, and is moving around a lot!  The facility is already impressed with her progress in just the short time she has been there!  She is very stable and is continuing to strengthen her vocal chords.  They hope to have her back on a full liquid diet within a few weeks.  

John is continuing to do well, he is at home with Margaret and Eric caring for him.  If anyone would like to visit and have coffee with John, please do so!  :)  You can contact Margaret or Eric to schedule a time![...]