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Posted 2018-12-13T00:28:46Z

Chemo Complete!

Happy Holidays! 

Ollie is in recovery and is doing great!  She has completed all of her chemotherapy, finishing the last round 3 weeks ago!!!!! (WHOO-HOO!) She is eager to update you all, but wished to wait until she was in the "post-chemo phase."  Her last two rounds of chemo (in November) followed with her in the hospital (poor reactions).  Since then, she has recovered and is in full healing mode and feeling strong!

Ollie states,
Chemo is over and I am making progress healing from the surgeries.  It is a long process for the healing to complete, but I feel strong and ready for the next phase of my life.  Acupuncture and massage have been wonderful in helping with many symptoms, including pain.  I strongly encourage integrative and alternative medicine! I appreciate all of the cards, thoughts, and prayers; they have helped keep the fighting spirit. Overall, everything is looking great and is progressing towards health!  I wish you all a wonderful holiday and new year!

It appears the hardest part is over, Ollie really is healing now!  Her next steps are to complete a scan to ensure chemo and surgery have eliminated the cancer, finish recovering her voice and swallowing (speech therapy), to continue her physical therapy addressing the neuropathy, and to continue to heal from the surgery.  She still has a long journey in front of her, and has survived through the worst of it!!! We are all keeping our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery with no more issues for Ollie!!

Another update will be posted after the scan results!


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  • Terri Fields
    Terri Fields

    Ollie, you are my hero! This is wonderful news!

    9 months ago · Reply
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