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Posted 2019-02-18T00:31:39Z


*.*.*.* Hello from the snow! *.*.*.*

Ollie says:
I am staying warm with all the cold and snow (reminding me why I moved to AZ so many years ago!)  I have established with all of my new providers; most of my therapies and other medical appointments are in Wayne.   However, we do have to make the drive to the Cancer Center in Omaha.  My first appointment there, last Thursday, went great- everything is healing wonderfully.  Pearl continues to take good care of me!  I had a reunion with my siblings (except for my sister Margaret) last night.   As you can see in the picture above, my hair is growing back.  :)   I am looking forward to Summer, feeling better as each day passes.  I appreciate all the cards, calls, texts, emails and other thoughtful interactions, they really brighten my day and keep me going.  Thank you for the continued love and support! 

As Ollie states, she is healing well!   She looks absolutely amazing, and continues to make great progress daily.  She is eating more (still on the feeding tube), and moving around much better.  The drop foot and neuropathy continue to diminish, and her wound looks better as the weeks go on.  She continues to be cautious as her immune system comes back, limiting visits and restricting contact with others.  Last night was the first time she went out since August of last year!  She really enjoyed her time with her family, but is continuing to be cautious.  (The risk of infection remains high as she heals.)  Overall, I can surely say with confidence, OLLIE IS DOING AMAZING!  She is a STRONG WOMAN, an inspiration to many!

Please, continue to send cards! Ollie enjoys receiving them! 

57830 E 14th St. 
Wayne, NE 68787

Calls, texts, and emails are appropriate as well!  She enjoys hearing from everyone.  :) 

Thank you all for the continued support, it has made a positive impact!!  

Next update soon!

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Comments (3)

  • Janet Bobar
    Janet Bobar

    Oh Ollie, That's wonderful news! Fuzzy head and all. Looks like you and your family are all surviving the snow and ice. So glad to hear you are making steady progress. Take good care and continue to heal. Hugs, Janet

    one year ago · Reply
  • Terri Fields
    Terri Fields

    Ollie, this is wonderful news. Stupid cancer--it didn't know what it was doing when it hit you. You'll show it! You're tougher! Keep thinking of the 100+ degrees here all summer and enjoy the cold! Sending you lots of love--keep fighting!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Marianne Mitchell
    Marianne Mitchell

    Hi Ollie--So happy to hear you are doing better! I've been thinking about you and hoping for the best. You always were an inspiration to me, and I know other children's authors felt the same way. Miss you out here in AZ. sunny regards, Marianne Mitchell

    one year ago · Reply
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