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Posted 2019-07-30T00:39:00Z

Summer Update

Happy Summer!  

I had the pleasure of spending time with Ollie in June, she is doing great overall!  Pearl's farm is a great spot to recover, she sure is keeping Pearl busy!!

At the beginning of June, Ollie had an infection that required 5 days inpatient at the University of Nebraska Buffet Cancer Center.  A drain tube was placed for an abscess on her right side.  Since discharge (early June), she has made daily trips to the hospital in Wayne for antibiotic infusions.  With progress, antibiotic infusions stopped on the 22nd of July!  She continues to have a drain tube in place. 

In other progress, the feeding tube was REMOVED at the end of June!!!  A HUGE STEP!! She is no longer reliant on receiving nutrition through the tube (i.e., she can eat again!!!)  The abdominal wound- from almost a year ago (August)- is continuing to heal; it has made good progress since beginning the use of the generated "new skin."  It is still an open wound, so weekly visits to wound care and a placenta new skin treatment center will continue to continue! :)  

Ollie says:
I am stronger and feeling good.  Massage and acupuncture continue to keep the pain at bay- I have yet to take any medicine for pain.  I don't have a for sure date to return to AZ, as the wound needs to be healed first.  

John has been in rehab and completing dialysis in Chandler for the past month.  All goes as planned, he will go home next week but will have to go to Chandler for dialysis 3 times per week until the Casa Grande Dialysis Center reopens (it recently closed).

We are thankful for the cards, calls, texts, and prayers.

Enjoy your summer.
& Ashleigh 


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  • Khloe Wainwright
    Khloe Wainwright

    So glad you're recovering well! We love you nanny! You're in our prayers. 😘😘

    10 months ago · Reply
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