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Terri Fields Terri Fields

Ollie, what wonderful, wonderful news that you are cancer free. You are such an incredible warrior. Sending you love and sympathies about John. Terri Fields

Michelle Parker-Rock Michelle Parker-Rock

Dear Ollie. Sending condolences on John's passing and joyful cheers for your remarkable recovery. Here's to a celebration of life, love, family, and friends. May you continue to find wellness, strength, and peacefulness as you navigate the days ahead. As always, Michelle Parker-Rock

Pearl Hansen Pearl Hansen

Ollie had me put up with the Arizona heat starting back in August. Sister revenge -- having her put up with the cold in Nebraska. She is fortunate -- my house is warm and no ice hanging over her head!!! She is doing very well!!! Love having her here!! She is certainly an "Awesome Ollie!"

beth dechant beth dechant

I was so glad to get the message from you. You are in Nebraska. Hope it is not too cold. Glad to hear you are recovering. Sounds like a long slow recovery time but you have this beat!! Know you can do this. Will visit when you come back to Arizona. Take time to heal and enjoy your time with Pearl. Praying as always. Beth

Terri Fields Terri Fields

Ollie, it sounds as if you are getting great care. I'm so glad you are making good progress. Keep up the fight! You've got this! Love, Terri

beth dechant beth dechant

Ollie, Glad to hear you are doing well. You have got this beat. I am keeping you I my prayers. Love you. Beth

Janet Bobar Janet Bobar

Ollie - That's wonderful news! You are making great progress. We are all counting on your strength and resilience to continue recovering. We're all so proud of you. Thank you for sharing your excellent news.
Lots of hugs,

Janet Bobar Janet Bobar

You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your great news. Please continue the good fight for us all. We all love you and keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
Remember One Step at a Time.

Terri Fields Terri Fields

Ollie, glad to hear you're in rehab. Keep up the good fight. You have so much respect, strength and love from so many!

amanda shepherd amanda shepherd

Ollie ! Thinking of you!!!!! xxoo

Terri Fields Terri Fields

Ollie, just to let you know I'm thinking of you and sending you lots of virtual strength. Keep up the good fight!

Ashleigh Ashleigh



You got this Mom. You are strong and amazing. I Love you more that words can ever say.