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Posted 2017-08-28T06:34:00Z

August 27, 2017

Our girl has been a real trooper.  She is by far the toughest girl we know.

Jayla will be having a surgical procedure Monday morning to remove her hemo-dialysis catheter, also known as a hemo-cath.

Yes, that is correct. Yes!

Her catheter was put in surgically the day after we arrived here at Children's Mercy. It was a procedure, a small procedure, to put the catheter in her chest. It goes into her jugular vein and curves around to her heart. We have to be extremely careful to keep it protected.

The catheter will be removed tomorrow morning, as she NO LONGER NEEDS DIALYSIS! Praise the Lord!

Jayla has not needed dialysis since last Monday and her team of doctors feel that she is doing great. All of the results of her lab work look great. She looks sooo much better than a week ago, and especially a month ago.

Jayla is doing a fantastic job of breathing on her own and as of today, she does not need respiratory therapy anymore. Her oxygen stats are perfect. And her output is 1227mL, which is fantastic!

She had to have her 11th (we think...;) IV line tonight, and hopefully the final one, in preparation for tomorrow morning. She was not thrilled about that, and I certainly don't blame her. The vascular team is very good here, but besides being scary, it's still not fun to get an IV.

We truly appreciate all of the cards and letters and packages and deliveries from you guys! Jayla is just at a point now of wanting to open them and she just smiles as she reads your sweet messages. She is backed by such a great bunch of supporters and you know how to make us feel loved from inside of these hospital walls. Thank you. Thank you so very much.

We appreciate you checking up on her and we know she will be strong for her procedure in the morning. We ask for her strength, and for God to protect our sweet Jayla. Lord, guide the hands of her doctors and nurses and help her through her recovery. #JaylaStrong 馃挭馃拋

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Comments (24)

  • Michaela Schultejans
    Michaela Schultejans

    What great news that she is officially off of dialysis!!!! Way to go kiddo!!!!! Prayers that the procedure goes well today and that it doesn't cause any bumps in the road!! So thankful for continuous good news!!!! 🎉💕😊 Hugs & prayers!!!!

    2 years agoReply
  • Barbara Nordhus
    Barbara Nordhus

    OMGosh!! This is such wonderful news鉂わ笍鉂わ笍. Sending Prayers for her surgery this morning and a few more hugs for mom and dad.... Jayla, you are such a trooper and with your strength you'll be home before we know it... CAN'T WAIT!!! We miss you three💓

    2 years agoReply
  • Ashley Snyder
    Ashley Snyder

    Praise the Lord!!! Praying for her surgery to remove the hemo Cath, that all goes as planned and the Lord has his hand on all the surgeons and nurses. What a strong girl you are Jayla!!!

    2 years agoReply
  • Angie Kramer
    Angie Kramer

    That is great news. We will continue to pray for all for all of you. Hope the surgery goes well and smoothly for her with other difficulties. Hugs and kisses to all.

    2 years agoReply
  • Elaine Hageman
    Elaine Hageman

    That is an answer to all our prayers and still pray the surgical procedure goes well this morning. She is a precious little trooper! Continued prayers. Love and hugs to all of you! Thank you for the updates!

    2 years agoReply
  • Theresa Sudbeck
    Theresa Sudbeck

    Wonderful news!! Continued prayers for Jayla and her family!! Makes me happy to read she is on her way of getting better each day!! 😊鉂わ笍

    2 years agoReply
  • Richard and Linda Haverkamp
    Richard and Linda Haverkamp

    Such good news. Continued prayers. Will be great when we get to see all of you back in the neighborhood again!

    2 years agoReply
  • sheryl nordhus
    sheryl nordhus

    Woo Hoo! Keep up the good work Jayla! Hang in there Mom and Dad; hopefully you'll be home soon.

    2 years agoReply
  • Tammy Schmitz
    Tammy Schmitz

    Your best news definitely comes on Sundays! Wonderful news!! Prayers that all goes well with surgery! Keep up the good work Jayla!! Love & prayers...

    2 years agoReply
  • Stephanie Sanderson
    Stephanie Sanderson

    OMGoodness!!! Woohoo! Way to go Jayla, this is amazing news! Continued prayers for the surgery today and her recovery, love you all!

    2 years agoReply
  • Shirley Claas
    Shirley Claas

    Awesome! Such a good feeling to get rid of all that stuff!!! Prayers for a smooth surgery! Keep up the good work Jayla!

    2 years agoReply
  • Brandy Weber
    Brandy Weber

    Amazing how the power of prayer works. Lord please be with Jayla this morning and through the days to come. Heal her little body so she can resume a full active life. Lots of love to you all.

    2 years agoReply
  • Ashley Carlson
    Ashley Carlson

    Hi Jayla!!! It's Mrs. CARLSON!!! I miss you! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better! Hang in there! You'll be home and back at school before you know it!

    2 years agoReply
  • Karla kramer
    Karla kramer

    FANTASTIC news!! "One less thing" is always nice to hear! Continuing prayers for Jayla, your family, and all the doctors and nurses caring for Miss Jayla!

    2 years agoReply
  • Lois Boehmer
    Lois Boehmer

    Awesome news. Prayers for continued good news. Keep strong Jayla we ask God.

    2 years agoReply
  • Theresa Steinlage
    Theresa Steinlage

    Jayla! Awesome work! Tomorrow, just think of a HAPPY SONG and everything will be OK! Get those nurses and doctors to sing along!

    2 years agoReply
  • Sara Rottinghaus
    Sara Rottinghaus

    Oh this is awesome news! We have been keeping all of you in our prayers. Stay strong Jayla.

    2 years agoReply
  • Judy Strathman
    Judy Strathman

    So very happy to hear positive news , many people are thinking about her and praying for her . God's mercies are new with each day ! I admire your positivity, faith , trust in Our good Lord . Keep your chins up and know how many care for you family are loved 💕💕

    2 years agoReply
  • Richard Engelken
    Richard Engelken

    Happy to hear things are going so well. Hope the procedure this morning went fine. She's probably making plans on escaping that joint pretty soon.

    2 years agoReply
  • Courtney

    What awesome news!! Prayer to her and the medical team tomorrow!

    2 years agoReply
  • Jolene Holthaus
    Jolene Holthaus

    Great news!

    2 years agoReply
  • JessieMacke

    That is fantastic news!! Way to go little warrior!!💪🏻💖praying that everything goes well tomorrow morning!!🙏🏻

    2 years agoReply
  • Kayla Hulsing
    Kayla Hulsing

    So sorry for my MIA-ness here, though I have been thinking of you all often. Reading through and catching up! Great job, Jayla!!!

    2 years agoReply
  • Ruth Naaf
    Ruth Naaf

    Praise God, this is the exact news, that we have been waiting for 🙏

    2 years agoReply