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Posted 2016-08-12T14:55:00Z

August 12, 2016

This picture shows love, heartache and forced smiles through depression.  

Loyd's symptoms are under control.  His pneumonia (right now) is gone but very likely to come back, the doctors believe.  His symptoms are being managed but he cannot come home.  The amount of care he requires is much more than I can give him at home.  It would not be good for him or I; nor for the children.  He sometimes becomes so "mean" with me that I have to leave and can't come back for the entire day.  He hates being in hospice as much as he would hate being in the hospital BUT he doesn't know his own limitations and he doesn't understand how much care he requires.  The doctors say he needs to stay put and I agree.  So he will remain in hospice -- probably for the remainder of his days.  

None of us know what the remainder of his days are.  He doesn't eat a lot (unless you're there and he tries to make it look like he's doing well) and he doesn't drink as much as he was.  He's weak and his breathing is definitely NOT under control if he exerts himself in the least.  The doctors say it's probably weeks but that could turn and it could be days or it could still be weeks.  They know - as well as I do - that God is the one who has numbered our days.

Loyd is able to get up occasionally in the wheelchair and sit in the linai right outside his room.  It's extremely hot there (The temp this week has been about 95 every day with the real feel of 111+).  I can't stand to be out there so I sit out with him for a little bit when I'm there and if it's too too hot, I come back in and sit inside the door.  The nurses have been great about letting him go out even when I'm not there and checking on him.

He is allowed visitors.  Sometimes he may be too tired to be much company but he will usually put a good show on for you while you're there.  You'd never know he was terminally ill ;)  If you'd like the address of the house, just shoot me a text 352-233-5077 or an email [email protected] and I'll hook you up.

May God keep you and bless your days always.

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  • Allison Cromwell
    Allison Cromwell

    Denise, we are holding Loyd, you and the family up in our prayers! None of us know how strong we are but His strength is made perfect in our weakness! God's love and mercy are revealed to us in the tests and trials of life! Our prayer is that God's love would be revealed to you and Loyd through this season of life! Love and Prayers from Pastor Cromwell and McNamee Pentecostal Assembly!

    3 years ago · Reply