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Julie Peiler Julie Peiler

Dear Loyd, though I never met you, I'm really sad that I didn't. My heart goes out to you and so does my husband's. On the phone you were biking across country with your family. Were you on bikes or motorbikes? Looks like kids are real young, so probably motorbikes? That must've been fun. Love, Sis Julie Peiler.

Julie Peiler Julie Peiler

Dear Loyd, I think if you need to let go, God is right there. I said the same to my Mom. Floyd, we're related, I know, but don't realize how. I'm Jennifer's sister. At church they reiterate: "May peace be with you," and I wish that for you and Denise.

Just remember, your in the Lord's hands, so no need to fear...I'm praying for you too.