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Posted 2015-09-04T14:01:16Z

Treating the Body and Mind

Things have been moving along slowly. Mom's next chemo is Sept 15.

She has been to Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy appointments (Monday and Friday). Working to keep her body moving and spirits up.

She says she is getting along okay. She is doing her daily exercises at Leah's house as well.

She's got quite the pixie haircut now, and hair loss is starting.

Please email or post your positive vibes! All love welcome.

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Comments (6)


    Hi Lucy, Sending you wishes for well being and fortitude on this challenging journey. You are fortunate to have the close and active support of your daughters and families. Seeing your photo doing strenuous exercise is inspiring! Your pixie haircut is quite flattering! Here's to renewed good health and energy! Best always, Gail & Barry

    5 years ago · Reply
  • TjG

    Sending great positive thoughts and love for you Aunt Lucy. Much Love ~ John

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Nancy Brock
    Nancy Brock

    Looking strong Lucy! Keep up the good work. xoxoxo Nancy

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Leah S
    Leah S

    Mom is doing great. Things are coming along nicely, it's almost time for her second cycle of chemo on September 10. She's already had a massage at the center and attends Physical and Occupational Therapy twice a week. She is meeting all of the goals and impressing the therapists! I keep telling her that exercise is one of the best ways to combat treatment induced fatigue and indeed, she feels better after working out. She was fit for a cranial prosthesis today and I have lent her a selection of caps and scarves to wear. Hopefully, this next cycle will go as smoothly as the first. She will be far better nourished and hydrated this time around, which may help with her energy level. I'm so proud of her. There is nothing easy about cancer or cancer treatment, but if my going through what I did can make it easier for Mom, well, you know...

    5 years ago · Reply
  • julius hirsch
    julius hirsch

    Lucy, I know you are strong enough to beat cancer. Keep positive thoughts. You look great. Remember, you have two wonderful daughters and lots of friends who love you. Julius

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Felicia Frericks
    Felicia Frericks

    Hi Aunt Lucy, I received your Thank you card. I, too have a Angel sculpture as well. Luz and Alex gave it to me on my second or third breast surgery. Yes, it is a difficult journey but you have your beautiful daughters to care for you. Just as I had mom and Shawn. It has been six years now Cancer free but it is never forgotten. Please stay strong. Love you very much, Felicia :)

    5 years ago · Reply