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Posted 2015-09-28T15:37:24Z

Long overdue update

Greetings all,

Mom says to let you know she is doing well. She is adjusting to everything. Seeing the Mind/Body therapist was helpful for her in terms of understanding what she is going through. They gave her a CD to listen to with 3 sections: Meditation, Chemo, Surgery - and she finds it helpful.

She says she is trying to get back to a little bit of independence, starting to make some of her own meals, learning to sort her medications, trying to walk more to keep exercising. 

Overall, she says she is in a better place than the first month and first chemo. Her next chemo is scheduled for this Thursday and will be a longer session up to 5 hours with 3 different types of chemo. Today, she is getting a CT scan to check on the progress from the first 2 chemos.

We think her surgery may be the early part of December. We don't have a date yet but will keep you posted.

If you haven't heard from us in a while and are concerned, feel free to email Aliza. If you don't have her email address, please leave a comment here.

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Comments (2)

  • Angeles Winesett
    Angeles Winesett

    Happy to see this update. Her positive outlook will help her overall, as it keeps the good juices flowing through the brain. Keeping you all in prayer. Love from the Southeast!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Judy McGuire
    Judy McGuire

    Love to Lucy. I wish her strength, peace, happiness, and a big hug from Queens, NY. xoxo

    5 years ago · Reply