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Luke Strikes Back

Luke was diagnosed with stage 4 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma on August 19, 2016. He started treatment on August 22. We appreciate all of your support.

Latest journal entry

A great day in Halki...

An unexpected highlight of our trip was in the village of Halki, Naxos at the Fish and Olive gallery. We stopped in Halki to explore and have lunch and left with some gifts from a new friend.

While watching one of the gallery owners (Alexander Reichart) paint fish onto a piece of pottery, Luke struck up a conversation with him. After their brief chat, we continued to look around the gallery. Alex came over after a few minutes and said that something in Luke had touched his heart, and that he wanted to give Luke a print. I, of course, was pretty touched by the exchange and told Alex what Luke has been through. Alex, in turn, was further touched and picked out two more prints to send home with Luke. Luke has been wanting some art for his room, so he can hardly wait to get these framed and hung. Alex then asked us to wait while he went to find something else for Luke. He came back with a small fish that he had carved from olive wood. He said that he carries one just like it in his pocket for luck and wanted Luke to have one too.

When we stopped back in Halki a couple of days later to get Luke a Fish and Olive t-shirt at their shop, Luke stopped back into the gallery just to say hello. He came away with an invitation to come back the next afternoon to make his own pottery.

After a morning on the beach followed by a great lunch, we headed back to Halki. Alex's wife, master potter Katharina Bolesch, took Luke to her studio. After a quick lesson where Katharina made throwing (creating) pottery look really easy, Luke went to work at her wheel. He made three pieces, each a little better than the last. After they're fired, Alex is going to paint them and send them to Luke. We’re really looking forward to seeing their combined art! What special memories those will bring of our time on Naxos.

To close out our time at Fish and Olive, Alex presented Luke with a fish pendant, similar to the one that he made for Jacques Cousteau’s son Pierre. Alex is a member of the Cousteau Divers and designed the Jacques Cousteau memorial plaque that is mounted in an underwater Santorini cave.

We sure hope we cross paths with Alex again someday! 

Luke had his PET and CT scans this morning. We heard during his chemo appointment this afternoon that the CT was clear. No word on the PET yet. 

Thank you all again for everything!




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