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Luke Strikes Back

Luke was diagnosed with stage 4 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma on August 19, 2016. He started treatment on August 22. We appreciate all of your support.

Latest journal entry

Doing pretty well...

Luke is doing pretty well. He’s reaching another milestone as I write this -- taking his first set of high school finals!

He has two sets of maintenance chemo infusions on board. He didn’t love the way he felt for about 48 hours after both of the infusions. We’re hoping his body will adjust and that they’ll get easier. At least there’s one week each month with no infusions. I’m thankful that Luke is willing to give it a shot, but I feel bad that he’s already questioning whether it’s worth it. Feeling unwell for a couple of days sounds manageable until you realize it adds up to 6 days a month or 20% of the time. We’re also wishing it didn’t affect his counts/immune system. He likely won’t get extremely neutropenic from the maintenance chemo, but his ANC will still be much lower than normal. Having to worry about germs (especially during this year’s flu season) isn’t much fun. We’ll just keep weighing and balancing the different concerns - chemo side effects, germs, cancer...

The good news is that the maintenance chemo does not cause hair loss. We’re having fun watching his hair grow back!

Thank you all again for everything!

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