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Posted 2020-09-28T13:47:21Z

Scan day...

It's scan day. Luke is in the MRI now and will have his CT right after. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ—

He ran 41 miles last week, up from his usual 30. The orthopedic surgeon who has treated his stress fractures has encouraged him to limit his miles and mix in some biking - maybe he'll get back to that this week. He has had pain in his good foot the last couple of weeks. Things like that always strike fear in my heart, but it seems pretty clear that it's tendonitis. Fortunately, it doesn't bother him much while he's running.[...]

Posted 2020-09-12T20:57:00Z

Running strong...

I experienced my first runner's high yesterday, and I didn't even run! It came from watching my little guy look stronger than ever out on the cross country course and beating his previous best 3-mile time by a minute and 47 seconds. It was also his first race as a team captain. He brought the captain news home from practice on Thursday night, and yes, I cried. His first race of the season was last Saturday at Evanston. I stood outside the fence and cried for the whole race - his last first race of his high school career. The bright side of the covid spectator rules is that no one was around to notice. His first race ever was 3 years ago today. I'm so grateful that his sport gets to happen this fall but of course infinitely more grateful that he's here to participate. At diagnosis, he had a 10.5x2.5x2.5 cm tumor in the bottom of his left foot. The beast was also in a bunch of bones in that foot, in his spine, and in his other leg. He was using a knee scooter to get around. He has come so far, and we are so incredibly fortunate, lucky, blessed.[...]

Posted 2020-08-20T02:36:01Z

Senior year?!

Four years ago today, we got Luke's final diagnosis of stage 4 high risk alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. Today, he started his senior year of high school. Feeling very, very grateful that he gets to start another school year no matter what that school year might look like, yet feeling very mindful of the families whose kids aren't here or aren't well enough to start this school year.[...]

Posted 2020-06-30T20:17:00Z

Catching up...

I guess I've neglected posthope since Luke's birthday on Feb 8. Thought I'd update for anyone who cares and doesn't use facebook. Posthope only allows 4 photos, so I can't share all of the pics that went along with the posts. The picture of Luke in the hospital bed is his very first chemo infusion on August 22, 2016, which should have been his first day of 8th grade. [...]

Posted 2020-02-09T02:42:25Z

Happy 17th...

Happy 17th birthday to my baby boy. This kid has been through so much, and he is, in his own words, "basically always happy." Luke, you amaze me every day with your strength, smarts, smile, positive outlook, inquisitive mind, kind heart and so much more. I know you don't think you're particularly brave or strong but you really are. I'm so blessed to be your mom and I'm beyond grateful that you get to turn 17. [...]

Posted 2020-02-04T20:21:00Z

Birthdays and braces...

Luke and I celebrated our birthdays (Feb 8 and 12) early last night with Paul at Luke's current favorite restaurant Lula Cafe. Luke wanted to be able to fully enjoy his birthday meal before getting braces today, and he sure did! I love enjoying food with that kid (and just watching him enjoy food).  [...]

Posted 2020-02-03T19:50:42Z

One last push...

6 days until our ride, 5 days until Luke gets to turn 17. One last push to see if anyone wants to ride with us at Cycle for Survival Chicago - registration closes tonight. I'll still be pushing for donations, but this is the last time I'll be bugging you to sign up  :). Here's the link to sign up or donate. The pw to join the team is luke.[...]

Posted 2020-02-01T20:55:00Z

Beat the beast...

I had planned to post the video of Luke's teacher's fabulous speech for his Titan Pride Award. I'll post it soon, but it doesn't feel right to post it right now. If you're in the Luke Strikes Back facebook group, you've probably already seen the video as well as this post. [...]

Posted 2020-01-29T17:00:23Z

Cycle challenge...

Luke won a Titan Pride Award at school this morning. It was a very special morning -- more on that in another post. 

There’s a special fundraising challenge happening now, and I could win a $10,000 donation if a lot of people donate to my Cycle for Survival ride between now and Feb 5. Any amount makes a difference - even $5! Multiple donations from the same donor (during this time frame) will only count once. Thanks in advance for your support in the fight against rare cancers.[...]

Posted 2020-01-22T17:05:00Z

17 until 17...

My little guy finished finals on Thursday and rocked his first semester of junior year! I dropped him off at O’Hare early Friday morning for his first solo flight to see his friend Jean and Uncle Mike and Patti in Florida. Paul was supposed to go with him, but he was hit with SSNHL (sudden sensorineural hearing loss) in one ear and didn’t want to mess with the timing of the injections that might help save his hearing. Called the airline to see if I could go with Luke instead - sure ma’am, that will be $387. Rats! That’s more than Paul and Luke’s flights combined, so Luke went on his own and has been having a great time. I'm so happy he got to go, but I'm really looking forward to seeing him tonight! [...]