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Posted 2016-10-21T03:00:00Z

Another good day...

Another good day today... I would have said it was a great day if only the weather had stayed warmer!

Luke insisted that he'd be just fine in shorts, a sweatshirt and no hat for the dog party this morning. He seems to be embracing the fluff on his head and holding off on hats as long as possible. Brrr! He said he was fine, but apparently he was cold enough this morning to decide to wear pants and an extra layer for his walk with Penny this evening.

Luke was in the mood for Flat Top Grill in Evanston for lunch. We had a good lunch, and he even ate a sundae from Andy's custard for dessert.

After lunch, we headed to the clinic to have his counts checked. As always, Luke had a nice chat with his nurse as she accessed his port. The nurses in clinic are so terrific. He does have a couple of favorites, but really likes every one of them.

When the doctor came in for the exam, he had 3 questions for Luke:
1. How's the infection on the arm feeling? (good)
2. How's the neuropathy in the feet? (pretty painful sometimes)
3. Did you go to the farmers market yesterday? (yes!)
I love that he remembered that the market was important to Luke!

Luke's counts were really good! Everything is back above normal which means he's in good shape for next week's chemo. It also means we can stop the nightly Neupogen injections (for now)!

The Love Your Melon campus crew from Wheaton College met up with us after the appointment. They played some games with Luke and brought some hats for Luke and our family. What sweet kids! We really aappreciate their time and energy. Oct 20 is their designated Love Your Melon day. I think they said there were 11,000 LYM crew members from campuses around the country visiting pediatric cancer patients today alone. My Facebook friends have seen the link there, but for those that haven't, you can check out their story here

Almost all of us were in the house at dinner time, and we were finally able to have a family dinner with Timo. Thank you to the family that brought the Mandarin spinach and pasta salad with chicken last night. We saved it for tonight, and we all really liked it. I told Timo not to worry if he didn't like it since I didn't make it. He had seconds though!

Thank you all so very much for everything!




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Comments (5)

  • Karen Knoll
    Karen Knoll

    Here's to more great days like today! Sending lots of love to you all. xoxo

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Theresa rasmussen
    Theresa rasmussen

    So glad to hear that Luke is having a nice string if good days! Praying that continues!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Val Spingola
    Val Spingola

    Loving this post! This is a day of joy! God bless Luke and all of you!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Beatrice Yavenue
    Beatrice Yavenue

    PTL for another very good day. Thank you for every single word you post. May the good days continue as your all continued to be prayed for. While with Dick we prayed together for Luke.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Tim Hedrich
    Tim Hedrich

    Thanks for posting these updates for all of us here in the community who are rooting for Luke. Hoping this is a good day and the start of a good weekend for Luke. Keep doing what you're doing and know that we're all behind you. If there is anything you or your inspiring family needs, just let us know. The Hedrich's - Tim, Laura and Isabelle.

    4 years ago · Reply