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Posted 2016-10-28T02:59:10Z

Day 67...

Luke is still doing pretty well with this round. He ate pretty well today. He had some great homemade scones and a smoothie this morning. He also had a real lunch and a real dinner. Yay! 

The fourth dose is going in right now. He asked a couple of nurses today if they could maybe not wake him up every two hours to pee. I guess it was worth a shot, but they both said no. Apparently, the health of his bladder is more important than sleep right now. Two more nights!

Thursday is dog therapy day in the hospital. That's always a nice treat for Luke. Not nearly the same as Penny therapy, but still nice to pet a dog. Luke facetimed with Penny and Kallie when I was home for a little while today. Penny gets excited to hear his voice through the phone but is always so confused about where it's coming from.

Teddy is still sick. He was supposed to have gone to the Bulls game tonight with Timo, but ended up sending someone else in his place. Poor guy! We're hoping Timo and the other kids are having fun!

Thank you all again for everything!



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Comments (5)

  • Susan Swaringen
    Susan Swaringen

    Awwww, we missed Teddy tonite at the soccer banquet. Wonderful tributes to him for beautiful support of his brother and family. I know you were all there in spirit. Wishing Teddy a speedy recovery and Luke a successful end to this round of treatment. xoxoxoxox.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Beatrice Yavenue
    Beatrice Yavenue

    Sorry Teddy is still sick that's a bummer. Praying he is well very soon. Good to hear Luke is eating well. That's great the hospital has dog therapy not the same as Penny but good for both. With prayers & much love from cousin Bea

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Angella Gregory
    Angella Gregory

    Please give Teddy get well soon wishes from us. We continue to lift you all up in prayer. Good job Luke. You are so brave and strong. Love you all. Aunt Angella xoxox

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Rosi Scott
    Rosi Scott

    Hey, Luke I remember how much you LOVED eating pomegranate when you came to our house. Maybe the Pomegranate Fairy will drop some by your house next week! You are doing a fantastic job ... 67 days down. Yeah!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Monica Hammersten
    Monica Hammersten

    Love to you Amanda for being such a strong mom. And to Paul for holding down the home front. You're an amazing family💕❤️️ Luke a lucky guy 😇💪✝️

    4 years ago · Reply