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Posted 2019-07-07T02:56:40Z

Off to camp...

We dropped our little guy off at Camp One Step this afternoon 😢❤️. All of the campers are pediatric cancer patients, from kids currently in treatment to long term survivors. It's well staffed with volunteer nurses and doctors, and one of Luke's doctors will even be there for the first few days. I know he's in good hands but ugh.

Luke was on the fence about going. His 3 main reservations were food, that he wanted to be able to run in the mornings and that he would feel old.

We solved the food problem by bringing a stocked fridge for him to keep in the medical director's office. I wish I had gotten a picture of our assembly line this morning. I cooked quinoa, barley, brown rice, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beets, mushrooms, kale, kohlrabi greens, and carrot greens. Luke assembled lunch and dinner bowls of various combinations of those plus black beans, chick peas or tofu.

He's been told that he'll be able to run the loop on the camp grounds. He's really been enjoying the morning cross country workouts at school. He's feeling faster and stronger than he has in years (maybe ever) and doesn't want to fall behind on his training. Camp staff told us that he'll be able to run on the campus -- probably a lot of loops around and around to get in his mileage, but there are pretty views and some nice hills.

Not sure how the last concern will shake out. He did look older than most when we dropped him off.

I'm hoping and praying that he makes some connections with kids who've had similar experiences and of course that he has a blast. I'll be stalking the camp FB page hoping to spot some pictures of him.

Oh, and he got his driver's license yesterday! 

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Comments (5)

  • Colleen Lueder
    Colleen Lueder

    Thank you for the update, Amanda. I always love reading what Luke is up to! He's amazing!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Beth engels
    Beth engels

    You should have opened with “He got his drivers license!” Wow! He’s going to do great at camp, aNd have great stories to share! Go Luke!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Maureen Pekosh
    Maureen Pekosh

    Maureen Pekosh Sounds similar to diabetes camp. Not the same seriousness but all the kids there got what life was like for this special population. For those kids it was a week of long sought after normalcy. No explaining why things are different but talking about living normally despite the differences. Luke will be an amazing role model for other kids and since he seems to thrive on helping others he will do well.

    one year ago · Reply
    • Amanda Gregory
      Amanda Gregory

      Yep, definitely a lot like diabetes camp, Maureen. Normalcy with other kids who get it for the kids and peace of mind for the parents since there's a great staff on hand.

      one year ago · Reply
  • Laura Hiestand Haber
    Laura Hiestand Haber

    So glad Luke made it work despite reservations by employing awesome problem solving skills! Bring own food ( with your full on support), run with staff, and remaining open to the experience. A big step! Thanks for posting!

    one year ago · Reply