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Luke G - Journal

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Posted 2016-08-23T00:11:34Z

The fight begins...

We started today in the doctor's office, referred to as in clinic. 

The doctor spent about an hour talking through everything with us and answering questions. She gave us the road map for the 54 week treatment plan and went through the next few weeks in detail. [...]

Posted 2016-08-18T18:57:22Z

Doing well...

The procedures yesterday went well. The port site and the bone marrow sites are still pretty uncomfortable though.  

We came home last night to a great dinner from friends. Teddy and Kate had things ready to go when when Paul, Luke and I got home at 7:30. We read the instructions for today's PET scan as we were eating, and realized we had to take Luke's dinner away. Poor guy was hungry and excited for pasta primavera, fruit and milk. What did the instructions say? "No starch, no fruit, no dairy, no sugar... just water after midnight." He had some eggs and drank barium sulfate instead of milk. When we got home from the PET scan today, he made up for missed meals! [...]

Posted 2016-08-16T21:43:34Z

Some news...

The surgeon called last night at 8:00 to say they had received pathology results. He said it looks like rhabdo, but the molecular/genetic pathology could still show something else. The doctor today told us that she has had top pathologists read a slide as rhabdo or ewing's and have genetics come back as the other or even as a different sarcoma. They're expecting to have that information early next week and won't decide on exact treatment protocol until they have it. We're expecting he'll be inpatient for a couple of days at Lutheran General to start chemo right after the results are in. [...]

Posted 2016-08-15T15:31:00Z

The weekend...

Thank you for all of the warm thoughts, prayers and comments. They really mean a lot to us. Luke reads the comments here, and I let him know about all of the texts and emails I've been getting. Luke says he'll do his own post here soon. [...]

Posted 2016-08-12T23:24:45Z

Here we go...

Luke had a lump in his foot which we and the doctor thought was maybe plantar fascitis or fibroma. When we went to see the doctor, I was just hoping he could get it feeling good in time for school soccer tryouts at the end of August.[...]