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Luke G - Journal

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Posted 2016-10-31T04:29:51Z

Day 70...

Luke was back at the dog party this morning. Check out the bandanas the dogs were sporting for him. What a nice surprise! 

He was really tired today and not very hungry, He still insisted on taking Penny for her late afternoon walk though. We went to a friend's house to watch the Cubs game. Luke just ate some brussel sprouts and an apple, but he really enjoyed hanging out and insisted he didn't need to go home to bed. I guess he'll need to do the same on Tuesday. Go Cubs! [...]

Posted 2016-10-30T03:56:38Z


I took Penny to the dog party before heading to the hospital this morning. While we were there, Paul called to say that Luke had thrown up. Shortly after that though, Luke texted me to say he felt much better. Phew![...]

Posted 2016-10-29T04:01:19Z

Day 68...

Luke wasn't feeling very well this morning and into the early afternoon. He had a pear for breakfast and just wanted to lie around and cuddle.

We had signed up a few weeks ago for a photo shoot with an organization called Flashes of Hope. They were set up today in a room over in the medical office side of the building. Luke wasn't feeling up for going over there, so they came to the room -- the photographer, a makeup artist (for me) and a hospital volunteer. Looking forward to seeing the images.[...]

Posted 2016-10-26T03:21:00Z

Day 65...

Luke had a decent day as far as how he was feeling. He started the day with a big smoothie and some chocolate peppermint pretzel thins and then had a mac and cheese grilled cheese for lunch. Thank you smoothie fairy and grilled cheese fairy![...]

Posted 2016-10-25T03:28:28Z

Day 64...

Luke had a good day yesterday. It was another beautiful fall day, and he and Penny made the most of it -- dog party in the morning plus two nice walks with friends later in the day.. His little body was exhausted by evening. He ran out of steam while making his apple cinnamon cardamom bread (inspired by Chef Kendra). He really wanted to do it "all own self" as he used to say, but asked me to take over near the end. I think something went wrong in the exchange. The texture wasn't quite right. He had planned to bring it to the hospital, but decided to leave it at home.[...]

Posted 2016-10-23T02:34:01Z

More good days...

Luke has continued to make the most of this unplanned break in treatment.

Local people, the new kitchen gallery upstairs at Abt is amazing. Luke and I would be happy living there, especially if we had access to the mattress department and maybe one massage chair. We'd miss the rest of the family, but we'd be pretty comfy.[...]

Posted 2016-10-21T03:00:00Z

Another good day...

Another good day today... I would have said it was a great day if only the weather had stayed warmer!

Luke insisted that he'd be just fine in shorts, a sweatshirt and no hat for the dog party this morning. He seems to be embracing the fluff on his head and holding off on hats as long as possible. Brrr! He said he was fine, but apparently he was cold enough this morning to decide to wear pants and an extra layer for his walk with Penny this evening.[...]