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Luke G - Journal

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Posted 2016-12-30T04:22:52Z

Day 130...

Luke is very happy to be home, and we're happy to have him back!

He used some Amazon gift cards to buy a new blender while we were at the hospital, and he's been working it hard since we got home yesterday. He did a bunch of research and decided that Consumer Reports #2 would be a good bet at 500 dollars or so less than a Vitamix.[...]

Posted 2016-12-28T04:11:47Z

Still here...

Well, it looked like we'd be able to go home today, but they weren't able to get us a home nurse for this evening on short notice. Luke's ANC is still zero, and they want to keep him on IV antibiotics until it works its way higher. It's my understanding that we'll just need someone once to show me how to administer the antibiotic and flush the port.[...]

Posted 2016-12-27T05:32:46Z

Still here...

Luke is feeling really well, but we're still here. His ANC is still not measurable. They'd like to see it ticking up before we go. Sounds like we might be able to go home tomorrow with IV antibiotics. He's in really good spirits though. He didn't want to miss the 50 degree day, so he talked his doctor into a short trip outside. He had some great visitors and some great food today too.[...]

Posted 2016-12-26T05:06:57Z

Christmas Day...

Merry Christmas!

Luke has been fever free all day, and all of his tests have been negative so far. We most likely won't be released until the 48 hour blood cultures are back. His ANC is very low, so that might be a factor too. I think they want it above 500.[...]

Posted 2016-12-24T05:07:05Z

Day 124...

Luke has been feeling pretty well since our Abt event!

Yesterday's chemo went fine. What should have taken about an hour (blood draw, waiting for counts and vincristine) took much longer, mainly because Luke was very chatty with the doctors and nurses. It's amazing how much time the doctors are willing to spend, patiently answering questions. Medically, Luke had some questions about radiation (which will start in mid January) and about aloe vera juice for mouth sores. He also wanted to talk about Abt, Christmas and food. We're planning to get lunch for the office after the holidays, and Luke made a sheet where they can all vote for what they'd like -- Mexican, Greek, Italian, Thai or Mediterranean.[...]

Posted 2016-12-22T03:58:00Z

Day 122...

I've posted before about some of our outings to Abt Electronics - Luke's favorite store. Today, he had a really special day at Abt, courtesy of Cal's Angels and Abt. I knew that they had a behind the scenes tour planned for him, but really didn't know what to expect.[...]

Posted 2016-12-20T03:34:00Z

Day 120...

Luke was feeling a little better today -- still not much appetite and no cookie making, but he and I did get out to see Rogue One. We both enjoyed the movie. We especially liked the new droid (K-2SO) and seeing Vader in a movie again.[...]

Posted 2016-12-19T04:32:08Z

Tired and cold...

It's been a pretty quiet couple of days for Luke. Before I tucked him in tonight, I asked him how I should describe how he's been feeling. He said, "worse than I expected." He hasn't thrown up, but has been nauseous, has little appetite and has been very tired.[...]