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Luke G - Journal

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Posted 2016-09-30T02:34:45Z

A real dinner...

I told Luke this morning that we should try to go to his favorite restaurant before his next round of chemo. He thought that was a good idea. He went to school for the last class of the day again today, and when I picked him up, he suggested we go today. Guess what we did?[...]

Posted 2016-09-29T02:00:01Z

Day 38...

Dog party, Green City Market and school today!!

As we were driving down to Lincoln Park for the outdoor market, it started pouring. When we parked, it was still pouring (and 55 degrees)! We decided to wait and hope in the car, and the rain stopped after 15 minutes. We ate some yummy crepes and bought some fruit, vegetables and honey. Luke also wanted to get some flowers for a few of the ladies who have been so kind. He picked out some nice bouquets and wrote some sweet little notes to go with them.[...]

Posted 2016-09-27T20:01:34Z

Day 37...

Luke is feeling pretty well so far this week! He was up for the dog party and Trader Joe's those morning.

He wasn't allowed to eat before his PET scan yesterday, so when we got home a little after noon, he was pretty hungry. While we were at the hospital, I told him to think about what he might want for lunch, figuring we'd pick up something yummy on the way home. Toward the end, he finally came up with a plan -- brown rice cereal, a cucumber and some pumpkin bread. Really? Really.[...]

Posted 2016-09-25T01:28:28Z

From Luke...

Hi it's Luke.
I just wanted to say thanks for all of the support. When I first saw the ribbons, I wasn't sure what to think, but I think they're really cool now. We keep seeing more and more of them! There are even some at the dog party park![...]

Posted 2016-09-23T03:47:23Z

Lace up for Luke...

It hasn't been the best couple of days for Luke. Grandma left yesterday morning. Maybe he's missing her!

We had planned to go to the Green City Market yesterday, but he started feeling unwell during his tutoring session. I thought maybe the schoolwork was just getting to him :), but he ended up throwing up and feeling unwell for the rest of the day. His only calories yesterday were from a little bit of sorbet in the late afternoon.[...]

Posted 2016-09-21T03:28:21Z

Just keep swimming...

3 hours at the pool today! It was another beautiful September day in Chicago, and Luke was just so happy in the water. Dory is one of my favorite animated characters and her moto fits. Luke needs to just keep swimming to get through all of this. [...]

Posted 2016-09-20T03:19:00Z

Day 29...

Today was a really good day!

We started with the dog party of course. After the dog party, the tutor came to work on some schoolwork. While she was here, ribbon fairies came to put big, beautiful gold ribbons on some of our trees. I meant to get a picture of Luke with those today, but I ran out of time.[...]

Posted 2016-09-18T03:10:01Z

Pretty good...

Dog party this morning followed by Glenview farmers market with Grandma. Luke wasn't feeling great at the market, but he did enjoy getting out on the beautiful day and looking around. He wanted some raspberries and a carrot cake to take home, and he had a peach, blueberry, arugula and goat cheese crepe and a smoothie while we were there. [...]

Posted 2016-09-17T03:06:22Z

Day 26...

Luke's finished his 5 doses of chemo for this week. That's 4 weeks under his belt!

Grandma Darlene arrived from Arizona last night and came to clinic with us this morning. She took over some of my foot and leg massaging duties during the irenotecan infusion. After the infusion, the nurse deaccessed his port, and he's a free man now. He's thinking he'd like to go swimming again soon.[...]