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Luke G - Journal

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Posted 2017-01-30T16:57:00Z

Day 161...

Luke is in the OR for his bone marrow biopsy right now. They took him back about 30 minutes ago and said to expect about an hour and a half. He turned down the medicine to help him relax before sedation because he was feeling calm and confident about the procedure. "It's not a big deal, Mommy." Ok, buddy, but I'd still like to give you a smooch before they take you![...]

Posted 2017-01-26T03:46:05Z

Some good news...

We missed the doctor's call today, but her message said, "The CT scan was completely normal and the PET scan was really good. The spot in the right leg didn't light up at all. The spot on the spine didn't light up at all, and the foot was much better. It only lit up a tiny bit. Call if you have any questions, and enjoy the good news." We're so thankful that the chemo is working. I should sleep a little better tonight.[...]

Posted 2017-01-22T17:52:00Z

Doing well...

Luke has had a really good week. He's feeling great, having fun and eating well. The warmer weather has been great for the dog party and for walks with friends. We spent some time at Abt on Thursday. Our Abt visits are even more fun now because we get to see some of the friends Luke made on his special day there. His Vitamix has been getting multiple daily workouts. On Friday alone, he made 3 smoothies, hot cocoa, soup and almond butter.[...]

Posted 2017-01-17T20:57:44Z

Day 148...

Luke is on a scheduled break in chemo. He's finished his 17th week of the protocol. Week 18 (this week) is an off week. Week 19 is evaluation week. He'll have an MRI, a CT scan, a PET scan and a bone marrow biopsy next week. He's due to start radiation in week 20. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers as we face this next set of scans.[...]

Posted 2017-01-15T05:10:36Z

Pretty good...

I dropped Luke off at the dog party this morning on my way to watch Teddy play volleyball. Once I settled in at McCormick place, I texted him to ask him to let me know when he got home. The photo shows our texts after he got home.[...]

Posted 2017-01-14T04:25:14Z


We got home around 10:00 this morning. The resident came in to check Luke a little before 7 and asked him what his goal time was for discharge. I was really surprised to hear him say 9:00. Guess he felt like he should be realistic.[...]

Posted 2017-01-13T04:50:06Z

Day 143...

We just settled in for our final night of this stay! Luke's last chemo of the week just started running. He convinced his doctor that he should be discharged before rounds tomorrow morning and is hoping to head home just after his last bladder protection drug finishes at 6:15 am. Um, couldn't we sleep a little longer and then pack up and head home?[...]

Posted 2017-01-12T04:19:56Z

Day 142...

Luke was feeling a little better today. Not amazing, but a little better is better than a little worse!.

His iv pump was very glitchy last night and kept beeping, so we didn't get the sleep that we thought we would. Fortunately, Luke is able to sleep through a lot thst. They swapped out the pump today, so I'm really hoping tonight will be better. Chemo will start at 2 am, but the nurses are pretty quiet when they come in to hang the bags.[...]

Posted 2017-01-11T04:06:53Z

Day 141...

Chemo started at 10 am today. The first time Luke got these two drugs, the plan was to move the start up 4 hours each day, but that plan was foiled by the neurotoxicity issues that he had. That meant we had to stay until Saturday. The next time, they tried moving it up by two hours per day. He did fine, and we were able to get home Friday evening. They're trying 4 hours again this time.[...]