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Luke G - Journal

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Posted 2017-11-14T03:35:21Z

Doing well...

Luke did not end up having late side effects from his last 5 day chemo. He had 6 weeks of irinotecan throughout the protocol, and this was by far the best he’s ever done! On Thursday and Friday after school, he and a friend went out to “paper” a neighborhood with flyers for the GBS canned food drive. On Saturday, they went around picking up the donations. Saturday night, he and Paul went to the Northwestern football game (and didn’t take even one picture). Yesterday, he was out picking up other donations with a bigger group of student council kids.[...]

Posted 2017-11-04T03:57:57Z

Day 441...

Monday was Luke's first day of his last scheduled 5 day chemo treatment. Today was his last day of his last scheduled 5 day chemo treatment. The protocol isn’t officially over until after the end of treatment scans in a few weeks, but after a quick vincristine treatment on Monday, he’ll be done with his scheduled chemo.[...]