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Luke G - Journal

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Posted 2017-02-28T05:11:00Z

San Francisco part 1...

We had an amazing weekend in the Bay area. Luke has been feeling great, aside from pain in his foot from radiation. I started to write a couple of posts while we were away, but was too sleepy at the end of our busy days. We got home around 1 this morning, and Luke was more interested in visiting with Penny and Kallie than with getting to bed. His stamina is so impressive. I was more interested in bed![...]

Posted 2017-02-22T02:32:01Z

Day 183 (and 180-182)...

As expected, Luke made the most of the beautiful weekend. He's still doing really well, except for some pain in his foot. The radiation doctor had said that it would probably start to bug him after two weeks of treatments, and he was right on target. We're hoping it won't get too bad and that Luke will be able to stay as active as he has been lately.[...]

Posted 2017-02-18T03:22:36Z

He did it!

One of Luke's nurses called him today to let him know that his next round of irenotecan infusions will be done AT HOME! His self-advocacy and persistence paid off, and his new friend Norma and his nurse Noelle came through for him. Noelle spoke directly to Luke when she called today, but I could tell what news she was giving him. "Really? Wow! Thank you so much!"[...]

Posted 2017-02-17T04:36:50Z


Luke got to play in a school volleyball game today!! As manager, he's allowed to play in non-conference games and in third games when the match was already decided in two. Those don't happen all that often though because the coaches and players are eager to just get home. Tonight, the Springman team won in two and the opposing coach agreed to play a third.[...]

Posted 2017-02-16T02:39:00Z

Day 177...

Today, Luke went to two classes at school followed by volleyball practice. It was strange not having him around this afternoon, but I'm thrilled that he's feeling well enough to do that. After being home for about 5 minutes, he said, "OK, bye, I'm taking Penny for a walk." He came back home 15 minutes before we left for radiation -- just enough time to eat some farro with roasted veggies and greens.[...]

Posted 2017-02-15T05:29:18Z

Day 176...

A few months ago, a friend reached out to the Raptors and to DeMar DeRozan's agent on Luke's behalf. Luke became a fan of the virtual DeRozan and the Raptors a couple of years ago in NBA2K then started to follow them in real life. Tonight, Luke got to meet DeRozan, Lowry, Valanciunas and others and root for them in person. Luke's second favorite Raptor, Terrence Ross, was traded to the Magic this morning! It was weird for me to root for the Bulls' opponent at the United Center, but the Raptors were very nice to the little guy tonight. The first half was pretty ugly for the Raptors, but they closed the gap in the 4th quarter and made it exciting.[...]

Posted 2017-02-13T04:14:48Z

A nice weekend...

Luke's doing really well.

He went to math and volleyball again on Thursday. He's planning to go to more school and volleyball this week. I worry about all of the illnesses that are going around, but I figure if I make him stay home every time we hear about something, he'll never go to school. He's pretty cautious of his immune system at home. I just have to hope he's careful at school too.[...]

Posted 2017-02-09T03:50:29Z

Day 170...

It was a big day for the little guy! I had hoped Luke would sleep in this morning after being awake into the beginning of his birthday, but nope. He was up for the dog party this morning. I drove him there and he walked home.[...]

Posted 2017-02-08T06:39:03Z

Birthday boy...

As we left radiation at 10:15 tonight, Luke said, "maybe you'll be able to stay up until my birthday!" I said, "no way, I'm going to sleep when we get home." Wrong! I already got to give him birthday hugs and kisses. Happy birthday, sweet boy! [...]