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Luke G - Journal

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Posted 2017-03-28T03:17:00Z

Day 217...

Luke had a pretty good weekend, except for a few aches and pains that slowed him down just a little. Friday was a beautiful day with the temperature almost touching 80 before it dropped very quickly to 45. He spent a lot of time outdoors with Penny, even on Saturday and Sunday when there was rain around. He also put in his first official hours working at Abt. He's a virtual reality demo specialist. They've said he can work on weekends when he's feeling up to it, no pressure. The HTC Vive headset is pretty cool, and the roller coaster rides are very realistic. Teddy and Kate both stopped in to try it on Saturday.[...]

Posted 2017-03-24T02:32:00Z

Day 213...

Our nightly drives to and from Warrenville are finished!

Last night, Paul, Luke and I headed toward radiation early so we could stop at Antico Posto for a celebratory dinner on the way. Luke and I had eaten lunch there the day of his first consult at the Proton Center and dinner after his radiation simulation appointment the next day. We requested our waitress from those meals with our reservation, but for some reason they weren't able to accommodate that. She did stop by with a hug and a promise to buy him dessert again. Paul's chicken and my fish weren't amazing, but Luke was very happy with his ravioli. That's all that really mattered.[...]

Posted 2017-03-20T02:48:00Z

Day 209...

Luke has been feeling pretty well, but his foot is really bothering him from radiation. We had been told that it would be like a bad sunburn inside and out. Somehow I wasn't expecting it to be this dark and angry looking. Ibuprofen helps some. The doctor prescribed something stronger, but Luke is reluctant to take it.[...]

Posted 2017-03-11T02:27:00Z

Day 200...

200? It seems like yesterday (and half a lifetime ago) that I typed day 100. 

The last few days have been pretty low key and pretty uneventful. Luke hasn’t felt quite right, but he hasn’t felt awful either. It’s hard for him to figure out what sounds good, but his appetite has been decent since Wednesday morning. He's pushing himself to stay active too.[...]

Posted 2017-03-08T05:02:00Z

Day 197...

The words great and chemo don't usually go together, but being at home for chemo today was pretty great.

Luke slept pretty well last night, but was still feeling pretty crummy this morning. He didn't eat anything after lunch yesterday and didn't want anything this morning. A delivery service dropped off a box full of equipment and medication around 10:00, and Grace the nurse arrived at noon. She checked over all of the supplies, and then headed upstairs with me to meet her new patient. He didn't even have to leave his bed! Everything went very smoothly, and Luke was happy with the care. He asked a lot of questions about her experience and seemed satisfied with her answers.[...]

Posted 2017-03-07T02:29:00Z

Day 196...

Well, now I feel bad for wishing we didn't have the delay last week and that we could get back to fighting. Luke is feeling pretty crummy tonight. We're so grateful for the nice stretch he had of feeling well, but it's tough to see him feeling yucky again.[...]