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Luke G - Journal

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Posted 2017-04-29T03:49:17Z

Day 249...

After Luke's walk with Penny yesterday afternoon, he said he wished he had gotten blood before leaving the hospital. His hemoglobin was low at 7.8, but not below the must transfuse level of 7. At 7.8, they let symptoms determine whether or not they transfuse.[...]

Posted 2017-04-27T20:47:00Z


We were released about 6 hours earlier than we expected! All test results were negative so far, and since Luke was fever free and feeling well, they didn't make us wait out the 48 hour cultures. It's great to be home! He's about to take Penny for a walk. [...]

Posted 2017-04-24T04:23:26Z

Luke Strikes Back

It’s been quite a weekend!
The Luke Strikes Back party on Friday was so amazing. We had such a great time! What an incredible outpouring of support for our family. We are beyond blessed to have:
-friends who put in so much time and effort to plan such a great event,
-friends and neighbors in a really great band who shared their talents with us,
-vendors who donated delicious food, drinks and time,
-incredibly generous friends, acquaintances and even strangers who bought tickets and/or made donations.[...]

Posted 2017-04-20T00:01:18Z


Luke’s MRIs were clear -- no cancer in his neck or chest! Thank you for the thoughts and prayers! We can rest easier knowing that his pains are most likely because “chemo does weird things to the body.” Luke’s not feeling great tonight, but we are feeling very thankful. He’ll keep plugging away at the treatment protocol, with his next full set of tests (CT, MRI, PET and bone marrow biopsy) due in 6 weeks. Looking forward to celebrating this bit of good news with our amazing support community at the Luke Strikes Back party on Friday.[...]

Posted 2017-04-19T03:12:45Z

Day 239...

Luke slept really well last night. He wasn't thrilled to have slept through the dog party this morning, but he figured his body must have needed the sleep. He still wasn't feeling great when he woke up, but he felt a little better as the day went on. On the way to clinic at 1:30, he said, "I'm feeling pretty well now just as it's time to go get more chemo." Fortunately, he just got one of yesterday's three drugs today, and really hasn't felt much worse than he did on the way there.[...]

Posted 2017-04-18T02:32:00Z

Day 238...

After a nice week off and a beautiful Easter weekend, Luke was back at it for chemo today. We arrived at clinic at 8 and got home a little after 5. Luke doesn't normally nap during chemo, but he got a couple of naps in today. The smoothie fairy stopped by in the morning. Luke had a dragon fruit smoothie bowl. For lunch, he wanted tomato and cucumber. He's usually not up for even trying the cafeteria food, but instead of sending me out on a mission, he agreed to some tomato and cucumber from the salad bar. Today of all days was the day that they were out of cucumber! He ended up with some tomato, some chick peas, and 4 cucumber slices from one of the premade garden salads. He also had 3 pears that we brought from home and some popcorn crisps from Trader Joe's.[...]

Posted 2017-04-16T04:08:00Z

Lawn guy...

Luke wanted to mow the lawn today and did. I think he's pretty strong, but he thinks it's no big deal.

When Luke was little, he loved the lawn mower guys. He'd "help" them with his own lawn mower and lawn tools, and wanted to be a lawn mower guy (and a button pusher, a piano player and a doctor) when he grew up. He even thought for years that Mr. Ramirez had bought him his favorite book (The Scrubbly Bubbly Car Wash) because he handed Luke the Amazon package when it arrived.[...]

Posted 2017-04-13T03:32:28Z

Congrats Springman...

Congratulations to the Springman 8th grade boys volleyball team on winning the conference tournament tonight! Luke wasn't feeling well enough to go to their match yesterday, but was able to go support them in the semifinal and the final tonight. I left early in the final match to head over to watch Teddy's match at GBS, but Luke stayed until the end. Teddy's team got an exciting win too![...]