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Posted 2018-02-20T18:32:00Z

Doing well...

All is well here.We ended up postponing the birthday week’s chemo so Luke could appropriately enjoy food over the weekend. His ANC was 2500 before chemo on Thursday, the highest it’s been without help from Neupogen injections in a long time. We’re hoping that the higher starting point, combined with dosage reductions on two of the chemo drugs will allow him to avoid neutropenia with this cycle. He was feeling normal after chemo that evening. He felt a little worse the next couple of days, but has felt better than he felt after any of the infusions last month.

Luke got a little unlucky with his drivers permit timing last week. The Secretary of State’s offices took a snow day last Friday, then there were Lincoln’s birthday closures on Saturday and Monday. I guess that’s what happens when you live in the land of Lincoln. Growing up in Indiana, I was always a little jealous that the Illinois kids didn’t have school on my (Lincoln’s) birthday. They do now, but didn't back then.[...]

Posted 2018-02-09T04:56:41Z


My baby boy turned 15 today! We're so grateful that he's here and that he's doing so well.

Luke has been trying to pick a restaurant for his birthday dinner and a day/time that will work for all of us (including the very busy sister). He's always loved that his and my birthdays fall during Chicago restaurant week. The last few years, his choice was the delicious but now defunct Green Zebra. That was a no brainer for him. This year, he's had to broaden his horizons, and he's had a hard time making a choice. Chicago has so many good options! I think he's decided on Big Jones this Saturday or tomorrow (weather permitting).[...]