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Luke G - Journal

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Posted 2018-03-23T23:46:00Z

Doing well...

Luke’s doing pretty well. He’s up to 111 pounds -- almost an all time high! He was 113 (but a few inches shorter) at his checkup in the spring of 2016. He ran 4.5 miles a couple of times this week. He had his 2nd infusion of his 3rd month of maintenance chemo yesterday.[...]

Posted 2018-03-13T02:43:12Z

Day 569...

Luke's CT was clear too! We're so thankful that he is still NED -- I guess maybe actually NED now, not just ADNED. The fear is always present, but I'll be trying to keep it on the way back burner at least until the next set of scans approach in 3 months. A fellow rhabdo mom shared a picture of her Faith over Fear shirt today before her son's scans tomorrow. Easier said than done but what a great motto/mantra.[...]