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Posted 2018-05-17T20:00:52Z

A bit overdue...

Friday morning, Luke and I flew to Denver for the Summer’s Way Rhabdomyosarcoma Workshop. The Summer’s Way Foundation invited doctors and researchers from around the world to attend -- to brainstorm, to collaborate, to present research, and to interact with each other and with parents and other advocates. Without a foundation, which was started by parents who lost their daughter to rhabdo, there wouldn’t have been a rhabdo conference. Yes, there’s more collaboration than there used to be in the childhood cancer world, but this event was pretty unique and pretty exciting. Even though much of the science was over our heads, it was still very interesting.There’s still not a lot of hope in the stage 4 ARMS world, but it’s helpful to know that there are doctors and researchers who care. They lose sleep; they stress eat; they do want to find answers.[...]