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Posted 2018-07-30T15:45:04Z

Keeping up...

It's not easy to keep up with this kid!

We did my planned 4 and 2 mile runs together the week before last. Then last Sunday, my training plan had me doing 8 miles (longest ever!). Luke’s not able to train as regularly as I am, so I didn’t think he should or would do such a long run. When he got up, he was a little mad that I had gone without him. He ended up going out in the afternoon by himself and ran 9 miles! He told me he wanted to prove that he’s in better shape than I think he is. He didn’t say it out loud, but I’m pretty sure he also meant that he’s in better shape than I am. When I walked into clinic the next day a few minutes behind Luke, the nurses were cheering not only Luke’s 9 miles, but also my 8 miles. Even though the kid outdid me, he was still talking up my accomplishment.[...]

Posted 2018-07-20T01:49:00Z


Sorry it’s been a while! Luke has been doing well. Biking, running, swimming, walking Penny, playing with our foster kittens, hanging out with friends, going to farmers markets, eating crepes... He’s having a pretty normal summer aside from the weekly chemo infusions. He biked to and from two of his chemo appointments. He even got another haircut![...]