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Posted 2018-08-30T03:16:17Z

Cross country...

Today was Luke's first cross country meet of the season -- what a difference a year makes! The hair did not slow him down!The meet was moved from Monday to today because of the heat on Monday. That worked out for Luke since he had chemo on Monday. [...]

Posted 2018-08-07T03:42:53Z

Two years...

2 years ago today at North Avenue beach, I first heard the word sarcoma spoken about our son.

Luke’s MRI was on a Friday night. He took a call from the pediatrician on Saturday morning while Paul and I were at Kate’s volleyball tournament. He texted me late morning to say that the doctor had called a couple hours earlier and sent me the number where she could be reached (not her office number). He says he waited to let me know because “I didn’t want you to think it was urgent and feel like you had to call her while you were watching Kate play volleyball and hanging out at the beach.” Thanks sweet boy. I had a feeling the Saturday morning call might be a bad sign, but I figured she could also be calling to put our minds at ease for the rest of the weekend. I somehow wasn’t really thinking cancer and neither was Paul. He stayed at the court, while I walked over to a more sheltered area to make the call. I got more nervous as I dialed the number. "Hi Mrs. Gregory, how are you?" "Pretty worried right now." "Well, unfortunately, you have right to be." Then she started throwing out words that you hope and pray you never have to hear about your child, or anyone else's child. Sarcoma, infiltrative characteristics, oncologist, pediatric orthopedic oncologist, first thing Monday morning…We got the full diagnosis of stage 4 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma several days later.[...]