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Lynn Blackwelder's Recovery Updates

Hello everyone this is a loving community page where you all can stay up to date on Lynn's progress. I will be posting frequently, and will be trying my best to keep ever[...] read more

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A Thank You/ Lynn's Progress

Hey everyone. First off thank you all for the shares and donations through Go- Fund- Me, mail, and support of any kind. It's more appreciated then words can express. 

To progress further in recovery Lynn takes OT, cognitive functions, and PT. She is excelling in OT with eyesight getting better, figuring daily life and memory issues with cognitive, and steady getting her balance back in PT to where she will not have to use a cane. Though mostly positive improvements there are still many things that Lynn needs to work out to get back to living the way she wants. With the support of all, I think and pray she can make it there. Thanks.

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