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Posted 2015-08-05T22:55:04Z

May 8th ... having a rough day

Today started off to be a really good day with Malia, she woke up happy as ever! A short time after her Grandma came over to visit she started to scream in pain. It lasted for a good hour before she could calm down. The scary thing about this episode of shoulder pains, is that is has moved to her right shoulder now too. When this happens to Malia, there I nothing that I can do besides hold her and wait for the pain to subside. These shoulder pains that she has been having is one of the reason her oncologist is wanting to check her spine for tumors, and I cannot get the thought "what if" out of my head. Her neurologist tells me that it could be caused from the shunt tube moving around in her stomach, I just don't understand how that could cause such sever pain. I hope he is right though, and it is just her shunt! We still have a month from today until her next MRI. If nothing else, back to the ER we will go.. (just keep living by faith)

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