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Posted 2015-08-05T22:58:38Z

Malia's Optomology appt...

Today has been such a long, but good day health and happy wise! Today we went in for Malia's eye appointment to see if anything has changed from a few months ago, and unfortunately it has. Her right eye is getting worse so we need to get her new glasses when we had just gotten these ones just a couple months ago. Her eye doctor is the one who knew that something was wrong with Malia and ordered the MRI that found her tumor. The words she use for Malias depleting eyesight today was "I am Baffled" because the tumor where it is placed should not really be causing the eyesight to go, but it does cause the head tilt and double vision, but she said I guess in her case it could be. Her eyesight is really bad, especially for her age. I am at a loss, because it seems like every problem that Malia has is rare and "Baffling" because every doctor she has, has no real or logical explanation, and no answers on how to fix anything! I am at a place where I don't even know what to do myself. I just want her to be able to heal some more and enjoy the time when she does feel good before I let them open her back up and take out more samples of her tumor! I know eventually we are going to have to, and she does have only a few more weeks until her next MRI, so I guess we will make the decision around that time. I do have to say how thankful I am to Dr. Shea, Malia's eye doctor, because if it wasn't for her we would not have found the tumor when we did, and could have found out later on in a worse way to were Malia could be suffering from worse effects... So Thank You again Dr. Shea!!!
(Even through all of this, I still have faith that it will all work out in Malia's favor, she is our little miracle and will beat whatever odds are against her. Mother's instincts are a powerful thing :) ) 

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